April 6, 2013

The Central Jail in Kuwait is Gearing Up for More Executions

Click [here] for more pictures and video.

Re-post from the Arab Times, Kuwait, April 4, 2013 [link]: The Central Jail, after executing three individuals last Monday, has received instructions to prepare for the execution of five individuals out of the 49 who have received death sentence for several cases, reports Al-Jaridah daily quoting informed sources.

They said the Enforcement Department of the Central Jail received these instructions from the Public Prosecution, revealing that the names of the culprits to be sentenced were not identified. However, the department will receive the names in the next few days.

I've read online (possibly rumor not confirmed) that the Kuwaiti woman convicted of killing 57 people (mostly women and children) in a horrific Wedding celebration tent fire might be one of the next on death row to be hanged in Kuwait. 

Nasra al Enezi was only 23 years old in 2009 at the time of this unimaginable and horrific crime.  I'm not defending her but I feel so sorry for Nasra.  I find it hard to believe that she knew that the tent would burn so quickly and kill the guests inside.  I read she just wanted to disrupt the celebration because she was understandably jealous and heartbroken.  Again, I am not defending her terrible crime but I also read she and her disabled children were abandoned while her husband took another wife. My heart goes out to her, the families of the deceased, and victims. May the victims rest in peace.

Article: Ex-wife 'confesses' to lighting wedding tent fire [link].

Article: Kuwaiti woman who set fire to wedding tent, killing 57, has death penalty upheld in Kuwait [link].

Article: Three convicted killers hanged at the gallows – First executions in Kuwait since 2007 [link].

"Warning ~ Graphic!" To view the April 1st, 2013 Kuwait Executions on YouTube click [here].


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