November 29, 2012

Ladies, What is Your Man Buying You For Christmas 2012?

November 28, 2012

Kim Kardashian is Finally in Kuwait!

Peace in the Middle East.  Kim is going to experience what we expats call a "near death experience" of driving in Kuwait. Kuwait has some of the most dangerous roads in the world.  Even being in a limo will not save you from near panic and saying a few hail Mary's. ;)

Kim toted her fabulous black, crocodile, Hermes, Birkin bag which they say is one of her favorites. Me <3

She is definitely not dressing too conservative for the Middle East in her sheer top. You can clearly see two of her best assets in this sexy and slimming outfit.  

After arriving, Kim met with the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait, Matthew Tueller.  My ooooh my Mr. Tueller, what a BIG smile you have. :p

I saved the best for last. This was taken off of Shadi's Instagram. What a great pic from one of the hardest working + nicest guys involved with bringing Kim and MoM to Kuwait. <3 We wish you the best Shadi! :*

It's fun to see Kuwait mentioned in the news all over the world.  I'm off to Dubai tomorrow so I'm not making the KK events we were invited to but I hope everything goes extremely well back in Kuwait and Bahrain.  I still wish that she could have taken some time out to visit the US Troops while she is in Kuwait.  That would have been a really nice surprise for our heroes in uniform during the holiday season.

Photo credit: All photos were taken from the Daily Mail article except the last one from Shadi's Instagram.

November 27, 2012

The Best Places To Be Born: Kuwait is rated second in the Arab World and 22nd globally.

The Quality-of-life index links results of who is happiest and who has best quality of life in terms of wealth, health and trust in public institutions

Their index links the results of subjective life-satisfaction surveys - how happy people say they are - to objective determinants of quality of life across countries.

One of the most important factors is being rich, but other factors come into play - including crime, trust in public institutions and the health of family life.

In total, the index takes into account 11 indicators.

These include fixed factors such as geography, others that change slowly over time such as demography, social and cultural characteristics, and the state of the world economy.

The index also looks at income per head in 2030, which is roughly when children born in 2013 will reach adulthood.

You can read the rest of the article and see the entire list by country by clicking [here].

UAE aims to be the best in the world by 2021, Sheikh Mohammed tweets

The UAE plans to be among the world’s best places to be born in by 2021, the emirate’s ruler and Vice President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted on Monday.

“According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the UAE is 1st in the Arab World & 18th globally in: ‘The-where-to-be-born 2013 index’,” Sheikh Mohammed announced in a tweet on Monday.

“We aim to be one of the best in the world, and our ‘Vision 2021’ has laid out a clear road map to accomplish this goal,” the ruler added in a follow up tweet on the same day.

The Economist Intelligence Unit index takes into account GDP/capita, GDP growth, inflation, cost of living, human rights, life expectancy, literacy, % of population in higher education, Economist readers per million capita, yawn index and bonus points.

Switzerland topped the global where-to-be-born index followed by Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden in second and third respectively.

Kuwait has been rated second in the Arab World and 22nd globally.

The UAE is amazing and I'm definitely impressed whenever I visit but what about freedom? If  you don't have the freedom of speech you really have no real rights. Also, they have tons of bars and clubs that are basically brothels with trafficked prostitutes.  This is legal in the UAE but if you get caught kissing your bf in public you go to jail for months. Talk about double standards and total confusion for most Western tourists. They encourage tourists to party hard but if you party too hard  you're going to rot in a UAE jail.

Best selling Entrepreneurship expert Rhonda Abrams in Kuwait


Diabetes Awareness in Kuwait

Millions of Milkshakes Opens This Weekend at The Avenues Mall in Kuwait

Credit: MoM and YouTube


Wiyana Connect 4G LTE in Kuwait with Zain

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Taiba Hospital Instagram Competition

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November 23, 2012

One Million Hits!

It looks like in a few more days Expat and the City Blog will have over One Million Hits!
Thank you readers and Happy Thanksgiving! <3

November 17, 2012

What Not to Do Before You Travel To the Middle East for Paid Appearances by Muslims: Kim Kardashian Tweets Support for Israel

Kardashian  @KimKardashian
Praying for everyone in Israel 16 Nov 12

Earlier today, Twitchy called attention to Kim Kardashian’s tweet offering prayers to the people of Israel.

That tweet resulted in a torrent of hateful tweets, including death wishes.
Kardashian tried to mollify the anti-Israel mob with this:
Now both of those tweets are gone from Kardashian’s Twitter account. But Twitchy is forever. Article above copied from Twitchy [Link].

Fox News article [Link] On Friday morning Kim Kardashian sent out a supportive Israel tweet, declaring to her almost 17 million followers that she was “Praying for everyone in Israel.” What she probably wasn’t anticipating was the violent backlash, including death wishes.

“Die in hell,” wrote one, another called the E! sensation a “bit*h” who “should die there,” while others went even further. Less brutal detractors said they had “lost all respect for her,” were giving her “the middle finger,” and called her a “disgrace to her people” and outright “disgusting.”

Others told her she should be “praying for Palestine, not Israel.” So she reportedly tried that.

According to, which archives all tweets even if a user deletes them, five minutes after the initial post, Kardashian attempted to appease her haters with the follow-up tweet: “praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!”

However, both tweets soon disappeared from her account and she has returned to discussing other important things – like her two-hour Tracy Anderson workout this morning.

Yet the derision lives on.

“Hahaha @KimKardashian deleted her tweets, must have had SERIOUS backlash from her idiotic uninformed tweets,” wrote one, while another called her a “dumb idiot” who “shouldn’t talk about what she doesn’t understand.”

A rep for Kardashian did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I saw both Tweets, retweeted them before she deleted them.  When I first saw the Israel Tweet I thought, "OH S#@t! No she didn't!"  Not right before she is due to travel to the Middle East to make millions of dollars paid by her Muslim sponsors.  Not very bright but in fairness to Kim I'm sure she didn't mean anything bad by it.  I'm guessing she was just responding to what is on the news about the current conflict.  I'm not a huge fan but come on, she doesn't deserve such hateful backlash and death threats. That's a bit extreme and just creates a poor negative image and feeds into the already prevalent stereotype. E&TC


Kim releases this apology statement below...

"I want to own up to and explain that earlier today I sent out two tweets about saying prayers for the people in Palestine and Israel and after hearing from my followers, I decided to take down the tweets because I realized that some people were offended and hurt by what I said, and for that I apologize."

"I should have pointed out my intentions behind these tweets when I posted them. The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didn't choose this, and I pray for all of them and also for a resolution. I also pray for all the other people around the world who are caught in similar crossfires."

You can click [here] for Perez Hilton's entire post on her apology.

Next, the Kardashianpedia posted most of her Kuwait itinary here:

Kim Kardashian is set to travel to Kuwait later this month, and if you want to meet her during her stay… keep reading! [This part was taken from *link*]

On November 29, 2012, Kim Kardashian will attend the Millions of Milkshakes grand opening held at the new Millions of Milkshakes at The Avenues, phase III. The Avenues mall is the largest mall and shopping center in Kuwait, and it is located in the Al-Rai industrial area, along the 5th Ring Road. Millions of Milkshakes welcomes fans to buy a ticket to the grand opening for 150 KD, the price includes group pics with Kim, a Q&A session with her and you will get to watch her make her own ‘Kim’ milkshake. The event is at 6:00pm til 8:00pm, you will be able to join Kim and The Avenues for circa 90 minutes. To purchase tickets, contact Dana on Twitter @KardashiansKWT.

On November 30, 2012, Kim Kardashian is hosting a VIP Gala Dinner at Lenôtre Paris Kuwait (location: Sea Front, Gulf Road Rd 25, Kuwait)! This is the first time ever Kim will sit down with her fans for dinner, so you do not want to miss this! The dinner starts at 9:00pm until 11:00pm, a 2 hour long dinner where you will get to chat with Kim and take a photo with her. A ticket to the VIP Gala Dinner at Lenôtre with Kim costs 350 KD. To purchase tickets, contact Dana on Twitter @KardashiansKWT.

Big thanks to Dana from KardashiansKWT for all the information! If reposting, please credit Dana and her Kardashian Kuwait fan page.

Where will she stay in Kuwait?

Today we received an email from the hotel that Kim is staying at in Kuwait asking us to post about her stay.  To alert our readers that they can follow her stay via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  They didn't mention her name but said, "Hollywood Reality TV Star Soon to be in Kuwait".  I thought that should be kept a secret for safety reasons but then I just figured she was being paid to promote the hotel while she was here.  Not five minutes after posting I was asked to remove it by someone not affiliated with the hotel.  Realizing it was not a paid promotion but an actual security breach I took the post down immediately.  Hopefully whoever else received the email will not post about it either.  

Emirates 24/7 has a great article [here] on her upcoming trip and they mention that the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star will be travelling with a private security squad.


November 16, 2012

MEEDA Middle East Eating Disorders Association: Eating Disorder Awareness in Kuwait

 Guest post by: Riham Al-Reshaid
The Middle East Eating Disorders Association was established in 2009. 

Eating disorders are neither well known to many people in the Middle East nor understood. 'Eating Disorders' are typically associated with someone that does not eat i.e. 'anorexia' or, someone that overeats i.e. 'Bulimia', however there are many other types.  
Knowing about them, having a better understanding of them, their causes and being able to identify the early signs in yourself and loved ones as well as know what to do, will help prevent a struggle that can in some cases last a lifetime.

The association is available to support and help guide the communities towards a healthier lifestyle. MEEDA is currently located in Lebanon and will be having representatives in each country in the Middle East in order to provide a cohesive and structured support system.

The Middle East is composed of numerous countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and Egypt. Until now, an accurate prevalence rate for all the different kinds of eating disorders within each individual country in the Middle East is not available, although there have been several studies conducted on the topic.

This association provides a caring and holistic approach to the promotion, prevention, treatment and management of Eating Disorders throughout the region.

There has been a growth in mental health awareness in recent years across the Middle East, together with efforts by governments to shed light on these topics as well as reduce stigma and improve mental health information.

Riham Al-Reshaid
Kuwait Representative
Middle East Eating Disorders Association
Facebook: Middle East Eating Disorders Association


November 15, 2012

The Cast of STARZ series “Spartacus” and Model / Actress Brooklyn Decker Visted the US Troops in Kuwait

Actors from the Starz series "Spartacus" (l-r) Ellen Hollman, Manu Bennett, Viva Bianca and Liam McIntyre set out on their first USO tour visiting troops in Kuwait November 2012. [Photo credit]

Proof that I work too hard in Kuwait: I had no idea the Spartacus cast was here until my friends at Moody 'N Cheeky told me.

Model/entertainment personality Chrissy Teigen and model/actress Brooklyn Decker pose with U.S. military members at Camp Arifjan Kuwait, September 12, 2012. [Photo credit]

Brooklyn Decker on the Cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine [Credit] You should see the entire cover but Kuwait is the land of Mr. Black Marker censorship (LOL)...She's smokin' hot!

And next...

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are coming to Kuwait and they look like this:

Photo credit [here]

November 11, 2012

Amsterdam, Diamonds and Things

At Düsseldorf train station heading to Amsterdam
Let me first write that H is the man. He doesn't usually tell me what to do so I often feel like I'm in charge of where we go or see.  That changes a little when we are on trips together and he pretty much decides our itinerary.  I also need to add that when he wants something there is no stopping him.  I can try to persuade him otherwise but it will usually lead to an argument or us not speaking.  You might have heard about Kuwaiti men and how they can do the "ignore treatment" from time to time? Luckily H knows better now after learning his lesson that I have mastered it and can now out ignore him. 
So, back to my post.  We were having dinner and I was thinking in my head how can I sneak a bottle of German Rhine Wine into my hotel room without him catching me when he blurts out, "We are going to Amsterdam tomorrow."  Uh, WTH? Why when we have both been  many times? Then he answers me with, "Because we haven't been together or since I fell in love with you."  I'm thinking in my head how romantic of him to say yet so boring to go with him to one of the wildest places on earth.  This is because he won't do anything wild at all or let me.  Not to mention the time wasted on the train travel there and back. 
I started to immediately have visions of me going to the train bathroom to chug tiny bottles of wine and then brushing my teeth before he kisses me.  I mean come on readers, we can't drink legally in Kuwait so I'm not opposed to drinking in toilets to avoid the dirty look from my future non drinking husband. ;)

Well, of course we got on the train the next day and off to Amsterdam we went.  There wasn't any puff puff pass, space cakes or drinking delicious Dutch beer in a bar.  We did have coffee and some stroopwaffels that are traditional Dutch treats and magically delicious.  

The famous Gassan Diamond factory and boutique where they give daily tours.

Diamond locations around the world.

Walking around on the tour.
Romantic walks around Amsterdam where we can actually kiss and hug in public like a 'real' couple.
Dam Square

We had a great time together in Amsterdam and H surprised me at the end of our Gassan diamond factory tour by letting me pick out one of the highest quality, near flawless diamond rings from their boutique for my Eid gift.  It was a total surprise and no Mom, I didn't even expect anything or hint. ;p
I LOVE Amsterdam and my H! <3

Dusseldorf, Germany Eid Vacation Pics: Hotel, Shopping and More

My room at the Intercontinental Hotel located at Königsallee street.

Am I the only American that has issues with European showers? Do they just want you to flood the floor?

I've been to Germany several times but this is my second time to Dusseldorf.  The last time I was in University.  I have a lot of good / wild memories of going with my German bestie the first time. What happened in Dusseldorf the first time hopefully will forever stay in Dusseldorf. ;p


Königsallee street, the most famous street in Dusseldorf. All the famous brands are found here. A fashion haven which of course is one of the first places my Kuwaiti sweetie wanted to visit.  It's not unusual for a Kuwaiti to spend a lot of money buying their loved ones gifts from their vacation destination.  H doesn't buy souvenirs but high priced luxury items that he can't find in Kuwait.

I want to say to the German girls to "back off" my man. ;p Since H has been working out with a trainer for a looong time and kept it up with his busy schedule he is lookin' mighty handsome and fit.  German girls love exotic, tall men and they were clearly trying to make eye contact, chat with him in stores and flirt with my man.  Thankfully he hardly seemed to notice except at one cafe when the waitress practically sat in his lap with admiration. If looks could kill she would be dead. ;) She could have cared less that I was American (she thought I was a local) because she was all about my exotic, ruggedly handsome, goatee wearing, successful, intelligent, Kuwaiti man.

The old town locally known as Altstadt.

The Rhine Tower along the Rhine river.

We also went to museums and I will post some additional pics later.

Part One of Last Nights Amazing, Record Breaking Fireworks Show in Kuwait

Video from 248AM Blog, KTV1 and YouTube

Kuwait Times article [link]. Kuwait yesterday marked the golden jubilee of its constitution with a spectacular KD 4.16-million ($15-million) fireworks display which earned the state a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. “I am happy to verify that with 77,282 fireworks, a new Guinness world record has been set tonight” in Kuwait City, a representative of Guinness World Records announced on Kuwait television at the end of the display.

Tens of thousands of Kuwaitis and expatriates filled the seaside Arabian Gulf Road where the one-hour fireworks and laser display was staged to mark the 50th anniversary of the constitution. On Nov 11, 1962, the late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al- Sabah promulgated the constitution for Kuwait to become the first Arab state in the Gulf to issue a constitution and have a parliament. Ahead of the celebration, HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah reiterated in a televised speech the government’s unwavering commitment to democracy and called for national unity as the state goes through a bitter political crisis.

To read the rest of the Kuwait Times article click [here].  To see the second part of the show click [here].

248AM has another video showing Kuwaitis and expats enjoying the show and you can see it [here].

The Daily Mail has an impressive article on the event with gorgeous photographs [here].

I cannot express in words how impressive this event was and how it brought the people of Kuwait together with the expat community.  The music was fantastic and it really was a once in a lifetime, record breaking, fireworks show.  We had such a fabulous time and will post about it later this week.


Part Two of Last Nights Amazing, Record Breaking Fireworks Show in Kuwait

Video from 248AM Blog, KTV1 & YouTube

The first part of the show is [here].


FBI - Most Wanted Terrorists List

 "Azzam the American" Photo Credit: FBI

The FBI has an online Most Wanted Terrorists list that gives loads of information and pictures of the suspects they are seeking information on.  They are offering millions of dollars in rewards for information that may lead to the capture of these US indited terrorists. 

There are several American terrorists on the list including Adam Gadahn.  He is the first person to be charged with treason against the U.S. since the World War II era.

You can check out their website and the FBI's most wanted terrorists [here].

CNN Middle East Report on Obesity in Kuwait

Video Credit: CNN International.  Posted on YouTube by: JogBird

Kuwait is one of the easiest places in the world to be inactive and eat delicious food night and day.  With the scorching heat that can reach over 140 degrees, thousands of fabulous restaurants that deliver to your door 24/7 and cheap foreign labor to cater to every whim or need who wouldn't struggle with trying to eat healthy?

The battle of the bulge is one of the biggest you can face in this tiny, oil rich country.  Just like America, Kuwait has become one of the fattest countries in the world.  With every new restaurant brand, fast food chain brought to Kuwait there are new gym openings, awareness campaigns, diabetes centers and proud Kuwaitis who are trying to fight this crippling epidemic.


November 9, 2012

According to the Latest News Kuwait is a Fat, Fast Food Nation

McDonald's is open 24/7 in Kuwait and most fast food places even deliver to your home.  I took this shot off the highway while I was waiting to order some fries and a cold drink. It was during the summer where the temperature in Kuwait reaches over 135 degrees.

Fast-food-loving Kuwaitis fight fat with stomach stapling

By Zain Verjee and Tim Hume, CNN

Kuwait City, Kuwait (CNN), November 9, 2012 [Link]-- Thanks to its large reserves of oil, the small Gulf state of Kuwait has transformed over the decades from a humble pearl-farming backwater into one of the world's richest countries per capita.

But too much of a good thing, as many of Kuwait's 2.6 million inhabitants are discovering, can be problematic.
In recent years, Kuwaiti waistlines have swollen to make them among the most obese people on the planet. Nearly 70% of Kuwaiti males over 15 are overweight or obese, according to the World Health Organization. For women, the figures are even worse -- slightly over 80%.
Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine recently placed Kuwait second only to the United States on a league table ranking countries by the amount of food they consumed per capita to sustain being overweight.

Kuwaitis: The world's fattest people?
The country's weight gain has led to an unprecedented rise in obesity-related health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. It's a phenomenon being reported in other Gulf countries -- several of Kuwait's neighbors also appear in the top 10, with Qatar coming in 4th, the United Arab Emirates 6th, and Bahrain 10th on the table.
Many attribute the weight problem to rapid changes in lifestyle propelled by oil revenues that have transformed Kuwait into prosperous modern consumer society.
"I think it started with Kuwait being a rich country," said fitness expert Yousef AlQanai, who was overweight himself until getting in shape eight years ago. "We have a lot of oil, so this transcends to how we live our lifestyles. It made our lives much easier. We don't have to work in order to survive."
To read the rest of the article click [here].
A special thanks to American Girl for Tweeting this story. <3

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