August 31, 2012

How to get blocked on Twitter: Ask us to hook you up with an American Girl in Kuwait

This happens from time to time to any girl on Twitter but I just happen to post on a little blog about my experiences in Kuwait so why not share what SOME local guys use on Western expat girls.  I added the special touch of using a black marker to cover up his Twitter name & picture because that's what Kuwaiti censorship dudes do here.  See previous [post]. 

At first he seemed like a sincere, well mannered guy when he asked me some typical questions that people ask when they are just curious.  i.e. What do you do in Kuwait for work? How do you like it here?...etc.  I thought he was a reader of the blog but he later admitted he had never read it. This was after I asked him did he see the zillion annoying posts on Hayati. Hee hee.

I want to say that there are many nice and respectful Kuwaiti and Arab guys that follow the blog on Twitter.  Some are my friends, some are funny, they may joke at the blogs expense, flirt but it's all in an innocent and fun way.  They would never ask to be hooked up if they are a total stranger.  That's just disrespectful but since I have a sense of humor I laughed it off.

After some polite messages where I tell him I'm busy and that's why I'm not answering him right away he Dm's me, "Oh sorry to disturb u...But I want to be honest...I want to have an expat friend.  A girl...I'm sick of Kuwaitis girl lol..."

This is when I start to imagine the scenario: Summer's almost over, he's just returned from his vacation in Thailand and he isn't going to marry for another year or so. He's broke after spending all his money on third world 'meow' so maybe he can get some dumb expat girl to love him longtime for free. 

Of course he didn't go to Thailand or tell me he did but I threw that in there based on this: (Local dudes at work who tell American dudes at work how their summer vacation went.  I even overheard one tell an American co-worker how he has to pretend he lost his passport so he can get a new one before marriage. To hide years of summer sex tourism holidays because the brides family checks the potential guys passport before accepting his proposal. ) Damnnnnnnnnnnnn! All I have to say is thank goodness there are mandatory medical tests before marriage now.  I checked H's passport and it's all old and good! :)

The point of this humorous little post: Please don't Tweet and ask if I can hook you up with myself or a friend. You will get blocked and then maybe land a staring role in one of my blog posts.

* Disclaimer: If you're the dude from Twitter then no worries. I would NEVER reveal your name or personal information.  I deleted the part in the post you were worried about. Nobody will know who you are unless you tell them.  You are probably a decent guy just doing what most guys do BUT you have to admit it was pretty funny and desperate. :P

On another subject: After writing this while my maid is cleaning I discovered she is using the toilet brush to scrub the bathroom floor! *screams* *puke*


US Woman Jumps From 10th Floor of Dubai Building

Dubai Marina [Credit]

Dubai Police confirmed on Wednesday that a woman fell to her death from the 10th floor of a hotel at the Marina.

Re-posted from 7 Days in Dubai

The force said it is believed that the woman, who was American, committed suicide.

A CID spokesman said the 30-year-old had tried to kill herself before and was facing criminal charges for attempted suicide. Her passport had been confiscated pending the outcome of that case.

“She has two friends who were visiting her and they told us that they received a message from her explaining that she wanted to put an end to her life because she is in bad mood after her divorce,” a police official said.

“Her parents had gone to be with her after hearing about her situation and left just days before her suicide.”

The incident happened on August 25. Police received a call about the body of the woman.

“We found an SMS in her phone to her ex-husband asking him to come back and threatening to commit suicide if he didn’t,” the official added.

Here is another article in Yahoo! Maktob

* Criminal charges for attempting suicide? WTF!?! She needed help and not prison. My condolences to her friends and family.


August 29, 2012

Kuwait donates US$500 million to Katrina relief efforts ~ Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Will Never Forget. Thank you Kuwait!

Photo by Thomas Jacobson, American Red Cross. New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Since today is the seventh anniversary since Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and the Gulf Coast I wanted to re-post this article [credit].

On Sunday, the country of Kuwait pledged US$500 million in oil products and other aid to United States Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It is the single largest donation given to help the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Energy Minister Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahd al-Sabah explained, "The humanitarian aid is oil products that the devastated (U.S.) states need in these circumstances, plus other humanitarian aid to lessen the devastation these three states have been subjected to." Al Sabah also stated that "It's our duty as Kuwaitis to stand by our friends to lighten the humanitarian misery and as a payback for the many situations during which Washington helped us through the significant relations between the two friendly countries." Kuwait is in fact one of the U.S.'s strongest allies in the Middle East, due to the U.S. protection of Kuwait in 1991 during the Gulf War.

Kuwait's donation was followed by a $100 million donation from Qatar, a small, U.S. friendly peninsula jutting out into the Red Sea. These donations were brought on as the 22 members of Arab League (based in Egypt) asked Arab countries to donate to the Katrina relief efforts, and sent their deepest condolences to the U.S.

Regarding hurricane Issac: I talked to Mom this evening (Kuwait time) and she said not to worry about the family in Louisiana & the Gulf Coast. I'll get the full report when I wake up in the morning. 

Thank you everyone for your support via Twitter :*

My morning view from my apartment in Kuwait

The Arabian Gulf at sunrise <3

Freed Kuwaiti hostage Issam Al-Houti welcomed back home

This morning I read in the Kuwait Times that the Kuwaiti hostage kidnapped in Lebanon was freed.  I am thrilled for Mr. Al-Houti and his family.  What surprised me about the article was that they mentioned he has three wives and one is American. [Link]

"A Kuwaiti man who was freed on Monday after being kidnapped in Lebanon returned to Kuwait yesterday to a hero’s welcome. Issam Al-Houti was met by his family at the VIP hall of Kuwait International Airport who arrived from Egypt immediately after they heard he was released. Lebanese Ambassador to Kuwait Bassam Al-Nomani and former MP Mohammed Al-Saqer were also present to welcome him. 

Houti was kidnapped in front of his house in Housh Al-Ghanam village in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley last Saturday. The kidnappers contacted the father of

his Lebanese wife (he is also married to a Kuwaiti and an American)

and demanded $2 million in ransom for releasing him. After intense pressure was put on the kidnappers from the Lebanese government, Houti was released without paying any ransom. “As far as I know, I was told that no ransom was paid to release me, although I was kidnapped for money and not for any political or religious reason,” he stated after his arrival yesterday."

To read the rest of the article in the Kuwait Times [Link]

August 28, 2012


The 13th International Architecture Exhibition (Venice: Giardini and Arsenale) will be open to public from the 29th August to 25th November 2012.

The Commissioner
Kuwait National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) is pleased to announce Kuwait’s first participation at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition, directed by David Chipperfield and titled Common Ground.

The Council acknowledges the role of architecture and urbanism in shaping emerging cultural and artistic production in Kuwait and the urgency of participating in the discussion platform that Venice Biennale offers. As a leading cultural institution in Kuwait, we are anticipating the diverse influences this opportunity will have on a growing professional culture of architecture.

The Exhibition
Kuwait Pavilion at the Arsenale is an installation that explores the complex social dynamics of contemporary Kuwait society by mapping informal productions of urban culture and knowledge, while elaborating on the inherent potential of social gathering and communing within public and private grounds.

The installation, an acoustic map of conversations, reveals altitudes of talking / negotiating / communicating that network as marginal and mainstream spatial operations, and modes of gathering within the different urban and demographic zones. While marks on the ground of the Arsenale reflect upon the inclusion/exclusion nature of each gathering typology.

These operations or operative grounds and altitude, in their conceptualized condition, emerge as an organism generator of social and political biology and form new evidence recognized by the architectural community in Kuwait as a new ground to rethinking Kuwait’s urban and territorial identity and the lifestyles associated with it.

Special Thanks to Rayah Al-Sabah

August 27, 2012

Cha-Ching! When Dating in Kuwait Should the Man Pay?

Google Image
Honestly readers, should men (Expat & Local) always pay when dating in Kuwait? Please comment and tell me what you really think and feel without trying to say what's politically correct. 
Please feel free to share your dating experiences in Kuwait. Were you out to dinner with The Donald or Mr. Cheapo? Now is your chance to vent and let it all out... 

Face-kini, Face Mask Bathing Suit Keeps You Nice and White

Article and Photo [Credit].

For something less revealing this summer, take a look at the face-kini, the ultimate alternative to slathering on sunblock on trips to the beach.

The full head mask, often worn with an accompanying body suit, is the latest swimwear innovation in the Chinese resort town of Qingdao, The New York Times reported.

The summer accessory is a must-have for many Chinese women who prefer a fair-skinned complexion over a suntan.

A bronze tone has traditionally been equated with doing physical labor while pale skin indicates a person of status who doesn't work outdoors, NBC News said.

That value of beauty is still alive today with some and can be seen along the shore of Shandong province, where women have been wearing the coverings that have openings for their eyes, nose and mouth.

As an added benefit, the masks are credited with protecting against insects and jellyfish, the Daily Mail said.

To read the rest and see the video click [here].

* I'd like to dedicate this post to Desert Girl because she burnt the "!@& out of herself during her vacation.

August 25, 2012

HELP! My Kuwaiti Man Reeks! He says wearing too much cologne is an Arab thing...

Google Image

One of the major things I nagged H about before we traveled to meet the parents was that he needed to tone down his usage of cologne. I tried to put it nicely but he just kept brushing off my subtle hints. I had visions of the manly men in my family seeing rainbows when I introduced him for the first time.

I like it when a man has a masculine, slight scent of a high-end cologne. However, I do not like to be induced into perfume coma or given a migraine headache because my man's cologne has jolted my already sensitive sinus cavity. H has a collection of cologne that could rival Amelia Marcus's shoe addiction. I seriously questioned his manhood upon seeing his well over 30+ bottles of rare scents. When we travel he literally buys at least two bottles on every trip. I'm bewildered that he likes to shop much less for exclusive colognes. My Mother would have to force my Father by gunpoint to go shopping with her. He just hands her the bank cards and calls it a day.

Some of my H collection

Trust me, H is straight and quite manly but his cologne addiction could make any girl wonder. When I confronted him about his obsession the first time with a slight panic in my voice he just laughed and said, "Honey, it's an Arab thing". It's not rare to smell many of the Kuwaiti men reeking of strong cologne so I did not question his explanation.
I'm the one or two bottles of perfume girl. I like a particular scent that is my signature. I only use a little strategically placed so that it's classy and subtle. This was not going to work for H who thought it was his mission to get my collection up to par with his. I've begged him to please stop with gifting me perfumes but he's out of control. I only have so much room in my apartment and I'm imagining our future villa complete with a room for perfume.

Some of my H Collection

Even with all of my nagging he still brought two bottles of cologne with him to the States. He wore less but it was still more than I wanted. He ended up just buying one bottle during our trip but that was after I kept making a little harmless fun of him. Okay, I totally laughed at him! :p

Update 31 AUG 2012: The latest addition from H last night. It's my new favorite. <3

It's clear to me that H loves wearing cologne and that's just another thing to add to my list of what I will have to accept if we spend our life together. Living in Kuwait and loving someone from a completely different culture certainly keeps life interesting and in my case overly fragrant.

Google Image


Kuwaitis Busted? Mass absenteeism after Eid Al-Fitr holidays – Govt plans punitive measures

Google Image

Re-posted from the Kuwait Times [link].

Initial investigations indicate that 3,146 sick leaves were taken as of Thursday; each lasting three days starting from last Wednesday. “Based on these findings, the CSC began coordinating with the Interior Ministry to detect staff members who left Kuwait through the airport or border checkpoints while on a sick leave,” the source added.

The Education, Health, Information and Social Affairs and Labor Ministries reported the largest number of absentees according to the source, who added that the largest attendance percentages were recorded at the ministries’ headquarters. “Tough penalties including heavy fines await offenders,” he noted, reported Al-Jarida.
To read the rest of the Kuwait Times article click [here].


August 24, 2012

Arabic is the most difficult language to learn in the world

Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn
Article credit: [here]

Many languages have claimed to be the hardest language to learn. But which is actually the toughest? There are a number of factors that go into  determining the complexity of a language. Factors like how close is the new language to your native tongue? Research has shown that languages that are similar in grammar and structure to your native tongue are often easier to grasp. The fact of the matter is each language has a different degree of difficulty. No one language is easy to learn. The following is a list of the hardest languages to learn.

1. Arabic

Why it’s so difficult: Arabic has very few words that resemble those of European languages. Written Arabic also uses fewer vowels, which can be extremely difficult for those learning to read the language. 

To read the entire article and see the other four click [here].

* Now I don't feel so bad with my Kuwaiti Arabic baby talk...


Latest KKinQ8 Update from her Twitter: Kim Kardashian is Coming to Kuwait November 2012

There is still no official word yet from Kim's side if she will visit the US Troops or not while in Kuwait. Sometimes USO tours are kept a secret until they actually happen for security reasons.

 You can click [here] to read how Celebrity's visit the US Troops.
Our previous post on KK's Kuwait arrival: [here]
Some press about our KK posts: [here]
Kim in Dubai launching MOM [credit] 

How Do American Celebrity's Visit the US Troops in Kuwait?

If I was an American celebrity visiting Kuwait for paid endorsements the most important goal during my trip would be to visit the very hero's whose sacrifice and service made my freedom possible.

There are around five US Camps in Kuwait with Camp Arifjan and Camp Buehring being the largest. The estimated number of US service members currently in Kuwait stands at 15,000.
If I was an American celebrity nothing in my schedule could stop me from paying my respect and showing them how much I appreciate all that they do for me and our country.

Here is everything you need to know about USO tours and visiting the troops in Kuwait. Re-posted and full credit [here].

Why Tour [USO link]

This one is easy...our men and women in uniform make significant
sacrifices to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily.  Most are stationed
thousands of miles away from their families who are left behind for
extended periods of time shouldering all the responsibilities at home.
A show or a visit by someone they admire and respect is a tremendous way
to help relieve the hardships of separation, and reinforce the fact that
their sacrifices are both recognized and greatly appreciated.

Equally important is the fact that USO tours are life changing for
celebrities as well.  Performing for the most appreciative audience in
the world is certainly powerful incentive.  Traveling to interesting and
exotic places obviously draws others.  Getting to experience a little of
the military life is a rare opportunity, too.

But whatever intrigues a celebrity to go on a USO tour the first time,
there's only one reason they return. The troops. Ask any performer who
has been. They'll tell you. Entertaining the troops is a "must do"

Who Tours [USO link]

Our troops and their families are absolutely thrilled to have their
favorite bands, comedians, athletes, TV and movie stars, cartoonists,
authors and others come to put on a show or visit.

They greatly appreciate spending time with their favorite celebrity,
taking photos, getting autographs, and passing their photos and
experiences on to their loved ones and friends back home.  The most
frequent comment heard is, "You'll never believe who I spent time with

We qualify celebrity status as artists with significant coverage in
entertainment industry trade magazines such as Billboard and Variety, in
People or US magazine, as well as television and movie stars, major
concert acts and other well-known artists.

If this description fits, please contact us.

We realize there are many excellent performers who don't fit that
criteria, but who would be well-received by the troops. For other
professional touring opportunities, please visit Armed Forces
Entertainment's website.

Photo Credit of Scarlett Johansson by my friend Kenneth D Aston Jr

Handshake Tours

Appearing onstage isn't the only way to reach "the most appreciative
audience in the world." USO Handshake Tours are a great way to interact
with our troops and bring a message of support from back home. A
handshake, an autograph, a photo or a conversation shows our troops how
much they are valued. Seeing someone they admire in person or simply
knowing that the effort was made to visit them is appreciated just as
much as a performance.

Depending on the type of base visited, celebrities meet with troops in
the midst of their base activities by visiting hospitals, sharing meals
with them, touring military work stations and visiting senior
leadership. Handshake tours also afford celebrities the unique
opportunity to share some of the military experiences alongside the
troops. This could include riding on board tanks, humvees and
helicopters, visiting war rooms, firing live munitions, landing on an
aircraft carrier, watching military K9 demonstrations and operating
weapon and flight simulators.

USO Handshake Tour Fast Facts:

TOUR LENGTH: Like any other USO tour, Handshake Tours vary from one stop to a complete tour of multiple destinations. Typically, tours last 1-2 days stateside and 7-10 days overseas. We can also arrange a stop within artists' existing tour schedules.

WHERE: USO tours take place on military bases in the U.S. and abroad,
including Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific, the Balkans, the
Caribbean and the Persian Gulf. Celebrities are also encouraged to make
separate trips solely to visit troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
and the National Naval Medical Center in the Washington, DC metropolitan
area as well as at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

WHEN: The USO is flexible and willing to work with artists to develop
tour dates. We also schedule tours based on guidance from the Department
of Defense and requests from military bases.

TRAVEL: The USO covers all travel expenses related to the tour and
typically flies talent on commercial aircraft.

LODGING: The USO provides accommodations on base or off base in the
highest quality hotels available.

HONORARIUM (Per Diem): When traveling with the USO, each tour
participant receives $50 per day for stateside appearances and $125 per
day for overseas tours.

ITEMS PROVIDED BY THE USO: The USO provides autograph sheets, tour posters, swag, military base clearance, itineraries and assistance in obtaining passports/visas. (The sale of artists' merchandise is prohibited on USO tours.)

If you are interested in participating in a USO Handshake Tour, please contact USO Recruiting, at 703.908.6480. You may also send a press kit to:

Recruiting Department
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22201


August 15, 2012

Spit that illegal cupcake out of your mouth! ;p Illegal home-based catering businesses thrive in Kuwait

Re-posted from the Kuwait Times [link] by Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer: 

During the last few years, many have taken to running home-based catering businesses. Many people cook, bake and prepare different food items and sell it to people. Maha is a 35-year- old Kuwaiti wife and employer who started her business about four months ago. She currently sells only two kinds of food items – stuffed onions and vine leaves. “I sell the plate for KD 7, and the quantity is substantial. I sell at a cheaper rate than a restaurant, and is cleaner, as I supervise it myself at home. Customers have to call me a day in advance to prepare their order for the next day,” she told the Kuwait Times.  To read the rest of the article click [here].

I'm more worried about the home service salon treatments like manicures and pedicures. They absolutely should have licenses since their equipment can spread HIV and Hep A, B and C if not sanitized properly.

In Kuwait you can even make some extra cash by becoming an informant, click [here].  LOL!

August 14, 2012

I'm traveling to...

The Little Mermaid, bronze sculpture by Edvard Eriksen, 1913, modeled after a story by Hans Christian Anderson; in Copenhagen harbour [photo credit].

"The Danes are, overwhelmingly, a happy bunch. In fact, if you believe those contentment surveys that come out every couple of years, Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth with some of the best quality of life. Along winding cobbled streets Danes shop and dine at some of the most exciting places in Europe. Copenhagen’s restaurants have more Michelin stars than any other Scandinavian city, and Denmark as a whole would doubtless have more still if the inspectors from Michelin ever troubled themselves to leave the capital and head for Aalborg or Århus & around. Even standards in a workaday Danish café are generally very high." [link]

I'm traveling by myself over the EID holidays and visiting one of my German friends who lives in Copenhagen.  She is going to introduce me to her Danish posse and show me around during her free time from work.  I booked a nice hotel and I plan to do some serious damage to my bank card. All I have to say is what happens in Denmark stays in Denmark. ;) 

You can follow my trip daily on Instagram starting Friday, while I drink, eat, shop and tour myself around the beautiful land of the Vikings.

Happy EID Kuwait!

August 11, 2012

I had a fabulous vacation and Dad didn't kill Hayati (yet)

I haven't posted about my trip but it was pretty awesome.  For now I'm going to keep things to myself and just post my trip pics on Instagram. 

I will say that the parents really like him and they were impressed with his excellent manners, sense of humor, intelligence, perfect English and class.  Mom (hey Mom :p) is still stuck on the religious differences and fear if we divorce the children will have to remain in Kuwait. I'm just crossing my fingers that everything continues to go well because we are very happy and I'm in no rush.  I just have to slow my impatient (used to always getting his way) Kuwaiti down.

Nepal bars young women under 30 from working in the Gulf because of widespread sexual abuse and exploitation

Google Image

Kuwait Times [link] Nepal has banned women under 30 from travelling to Gulf countries to work following reports of widespread sexual abuse and exploitation, local media said yesterday. Thousands of women – mostly aged under 25 – leave the impoverished Himalayan nation every year to take up menial jobs in cleaning or construction, with many heading to Gulf Arab states. “Young female workers are reported to have been sexually and psychologically exploited in Gulf countries,” Information Minister Raj Kishor Yadav was quoted as saying in the Himalayan Times English-language daily newspaper. “So the cabinet decided to set the age bar for women migrant workers in the Gulf. Women above 30 years of age are at low risk of such exploitation.”

Nepalese women have been allowed to go to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar since 2010, when authorities lifted a 12-year ban imposed after the suicide of a Nepalese domestic worker who had been abused in Kuwait. Most Nepalese migrant workers are in India but the government and local charities estimate that between 20,000 and 70,000 are in wealthy Gulf countries, lured by the promise of better wages to help support their families back home. Maiti Nepal, which works to prevent the trafficking of Nepalese women abroad, welcomed the announcement, saying many underage girls travelled to the Gulf for work and abuse was common.”

We have met several housemaids who were not only raped by their masters but also forced to have sex with the masters’ relatives. They are confined to the house and live in a situation akin to slavery,” director Bishwa Khadka said.

There was an outcry in Sri Lanka in Sept 2010 when a maid returned from Saudi Arabia alleging that her employers had forced 24 nails and needles into her body. Fifteen Nepalese women committed suicide in Lebanon in 2010 while two to three domestic helpers a week seek refuge in Nepalese embassies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait following abuse from their employers, according to the Times. The labour ministry was not immediately available for comment. — AFP

* Re-posting this story because I cannot tell you how upsetting it is to read about what is going on over here.  I know that many Gulf nationals treat their maids very well but clearly there are too many that do not.  I grew up with maids, nannies and a cook that were all treated like part of the family. Like most Westerners I continue to do the same for my sweet cleaning lady in Kuwait.  Thank goodness H treats his helpers the same way so we won't have any issues with that part. Just some of the other parts. ;)

This kind of abuse sickens my stomach and if  you want to read a recent heartbreaking example then click here [link].

August 10, 2012

The Scientific Center Kuwait is Proud to Bring You Their New IMAX Film: To the Arctic 3D

This amazing new film on the Arctic will premier on Monday 13 August 2012 at 10:15pm.  One of my dreams is to go to the Arctic on a cruise with my Mom.

Click on image to enlarge

Kuwaiti Chef Adlah Al-Sharhan Publishes Authentic Kuwaiti Cuisine Ramadan Cookbook

Designed to make your Ramadan dining table more delectable and with more flavors, chef Adoola’s latest book includes a collection of easy-to-follow irresistible recipes for Ramadan meals. Recipes for classic Kuwaiti dishes such as machboos, mashwi jidir, and jereesh munah-nah are all explained in Arabic and English with clear instructions and plenty of room for adding your own personal preferences to make each recipe your own.

Chef Adlah Al-Sharhan who holds a culinary degree and has experience in restaurants across the world for well over ten years, believes that when it comes to Kuwaiti cuisine every kitchen has its own rendition of the same recipe. Take for instance the Kuwaiti dish Tashreeba, which is stew-soaked bread: “While some people prefer to use rigaag bread, which is a Kuwaiti wafer-thin crunchy bread, others prefer Iranian leavened bread. It’s up to you which bread you prefer,” says Adoola.

When it comes to spices, Kuwaiti cuisine benefits from a mixture of spices called bahaar, which is a mixture of ground whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, dried ginger, peppercorns and more. In her book she includes recipes for her grandmother’s signature spice mixes, one of them is all-purpose while the other is more delicately flavored and is more appropriate for fish. People can still use their own spice mixes if they prefer. The book also includes recipes for light refreshing salads, soups and
Kuwaiti desserts.

The book Chef Adoola’s Ramadan Recipes is available today in bookstores across Kuwait. Tonight Chef Adla Alsharhan will be having a book signing event to celebrate the launch of her first cookbook. The event will be held at Sultan Center Souk Sharq today (Friday, August 10th) from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. There will be a draw for a free cooking lesson with Chef Adoola for those who buy the book!  

You may have heard of Chef Adlah Al-Sharhan from her Kuwaiti restaurant, "The Kitchen" which has two locations.  I'm always looking for authentic Kuwaiti crafts or gifts to give my family and friends back home in the United States. This cookbook is in both English and Arabic and the perfect gift from Kuwait.  I plan on buying several copies for myself and to give as gifts to family and friends abroad.

فيديو دايت كير: كيف تحضر أطباق كويتية صحية في رمضان؟

Did you know that you could cook up delicious Kuwaiti food like Machbous, Margoog, or even fry Samboosa in a healthier way? No? Neither did we, until Diet Care showed us through this video [in Arabic] the simple ways to reduce cals in the Kuwaiti food we've grown to love.

August 8, 2012

One Brave Expat Woman’s True Story of being viciously harassed on a Kuwait City bus while fellow passengers and the driver did nothing!


I received this upsetting email & video from a very brave and beautiful Indian girl.  I think what upsets me the most is that fellow passengers and the driver did absolutely nothing to help her.  What has the world come to when we stand by and do nothing to help a young girl being attacked on a city bus?

I wanted to post the victims account of what happened to her on August 4, 2012 in her own words.

I am a young, educated and decent Asian expatriate who was born and raised in Kuwait. I work for a newspaper. It is very difficult for me to travel in the country after sunset since I do not drive. It is so difficult to get a drivers' license even though I am capable of owning a vehicle. The government keeps bringing up numerous conditions, making it difficult for expatriates to get licenses. And those who meet the conditions(like I did), the officials intentionally fail us. Some recommended me to try getting a license using 'wasta' but I try not to succumb to such corrupt methods.

I am scared of taking taxis alone in the evenings as I have heard several stories of women getting raped. I cannot always rely on my family or friends to pick or drop me every time. So I thought if I ever get stuck in a situation where I do not have a ride after sunset, I will take a bus. But after a recent traumatizing incident, I started doubted that option.

On Saturday at 10:20 pm, I boarded bus #88 from Shuwaikh Canada Dry Street and was sitting at the side seats where women generally sit. While the bus was at a signal near Hawally Governorate, a group of Arab youths rushed towards the bus and pounded on the door until the driver opened it. Most of them occupied the seats at the back while a few sat in the front. While I was reading the newspaper, I could hear the boys talking loudly and spitting. When I heard the noise of cloth ripping, I looked to my left to see one of the boys tearing down the curtains. As soon as he caught me looking at him, I turned my face away as I was afraid of getting their attention. Their unruliness made me very nervous particularly since I was the only woman in the bus at that time.

Then the guys started throwing some garbage lying on the ground at me. I ignored it. But when an empty juice pack hit me, I took my cell phone and started recording their activities. They noticed me recording them and rushed towards me in a threatening manner. I immediately put down my phone as I was scared they would grab my phone. They started shouting at me in Arabic and I told them I couldn’t understand. Then one guy shouted ‘Delete’. I said ‘I wont’. He used a few offensive words and ripped the newspaper from me, which I was using as a shield against them. When I said I was working for a newspaper and I will report to my boss about them, one of the guys translated it loud in Arabic and suddenly there was chaos in the bus. I assume I got them nervous with that statement. They rushed out of their seats towards the exit, waiting for the bus to stop. While doing so, they began to slap me and spit on me. I could not defend myself or hit back as I was one woman versus 15 hefty Arab boys. They kept using offensive phrases at me and since I did not want to show that I was scared, I managed to scream back at them and used some offensive terms of my own even though I was trying to protect myself from their slaps and spit. 

Eventually they left the bus but my hair and face was covered with spit. None of the men in the bus did anything to defend me from these unruly youths. After they left, I spoke to the Nepali driver and he said they use the buses very often and terrorize the people in the bus. I suggested that he should not stop the bus for these boys and he said they would stand in front of the bus as it approached them to make sure he stopped or would throw stones at the windows if he did not stop. I do not blame him, as the poor driver was scared of these youths as well.

I did have a bad experience with this bunch of boys before. Once when I was in the same bus with the same driver and the bus had stopped at a signal, these boys rushed to the bus and starting banging at the door. When the driver refused to open, they forced the door open and entered the bus. Once again I was sitting at the side seats and I saw these boys harassing the driver and shouting at him for not opening the door. One of the boys noticed me sitting on the side and he sat on my lap. I started shouting at him and tried pushing him away but he was too hefty and strong for me. To make it worse, he leaned back and started rubbing himself on me. It was very humiliating for me and I did not report this as I was embarrassed.

I shared this incident with a Filipino friend of mine who stopped using buses due to a particular reason. She explained that when she took a bus last year from Maliya at 9pm, along the way a group of five boys boarded the bus. They began to harass her and her friend by exposing their genitals and standing in front of them. They started crying and calling out for help but everyone in the bus including the driver ignored their cries, which encouraged the boys. After this incident, my friend stopped using the bus service.

It is difficult for young women to travel alone in the evenings. I thought traveling by bus would be safe but after such a traumatizing experience, I am not sure anymore.

One of the main problems here is when young boys travel in a group, people are afraid of them and their unruliness. Since travelling by buses is free for students, most of these boys vandalize the buses. I think the government should do something about this. My suggestion is they should not allow students to travel free by bus after 6pm unless they were with their parents. This is a small step to solve this incessant problem experienced by the residents of Kuwait.

Her story was covered by the Arab Times and you can read it [here].

August 7, 2012

Kuwait’s Fehaid Al-Deehani Wins a Bronze Medal

Kuwaiti shooter Fehaid Al-Deehani snatched the bronze medal of the Men's Trap competition of the London 2012 Olympics yesterday. Al-Deehani was forced to play extra shootings with Australian Olympic Champion Michael Diamond after 145 out 150 shoots draw.

Congratulations Fehaid! :)

Credit: (Post & Photos) Ms. Mona Al Ahmad who sent this to me via email. 

Thank you!

Kuwait Times or Arab Times? I'm confused...

Young man snaps pics of girls, gets arrested

Kuwait Times [article] August 7, 2012: A young man was taken into custody for secretly taking photos of women he did not know. His mobile had over 100 pictures of girls that the suspect found attractive.

The man was discovered when a citizen shopping in Salmiya market noticed him taking pictures of her. She confronted the man who denied any wrongdoing. The woman then asked the mall’s security officers to investigate, and they discovered nearly 100 pictures of girls he did not know on his cellular phone. The suspect was taken to the police station for further action.

Boyfriend nabbed:

Arab Times [article] August 7, 2012: Police have arrested an unidentified youth for taking pictures of his Kuwaiti girlfriend with his cell phone without her knowledge, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

When the girl suspected the behavior of the lover, she requested him to show the cell phone. The latter panicked and looked confused. The girl then without his knowledge informed the police.

When police seized the cell phone, they found about 100 photos of several young women. He has been referred to the Salmiya Police Station for interrogation.

I love reading Kuwaiti newspapers in English but I'm confused...  They always contradict each other and the reader doesn't know what's fact or fiction.  Is it his girlfriend or a woman he did not know?

August 5, 2012

That Saudi Bit My Finger

Google Image

Jealous wife bites stewardess’ finger

A Saudi woman bit the finger of an Egyptian stewardess during a fight triggered by accusations the cabin crew member was molesting her husband who sat next to her during a flight to the capital Riyadh.

The Saudi woman screamed at the young stewardess after noticing that she was giving “too much interest” to her husband, Kabar newspaper said.

“A fight then erupted in the aircraft and the Saudi woman then jumped on the stewardess and bit her finger,” its aid, adding that the Egyptian reported the Saudi women to the airport police after landing.

* This was too funny & scary not to re-post...

August 4, 2012

It's not just speeding maniacs, dust storms and excessive heat. Now we have to put up with earthquakes in Kuwait!

According to the Arab Times [article] and Kuwait times [article] on August 2, 2012 an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude on the Richter scale struck Kuwait 40 km NW of Salmiya at around 7.30 am and was felt by residents in Salmiya. I was already at work in the desert and didn't feel a thing. It's more than a little scary to know that Kuwait has earthquakes with the way many of the apartment buildings are built. Can we say crumble and dust to dust?

So there you have it expats. We now have to add earthquakes to the list. I come from a land faraway with horrendous hurricanes and tropical storms. I just have to add that back home I'm allowed to drink a New Orleans hurricane cocktail whenever I feel scared of the bad weather to calm myself down.  In Kuwait it's bottled water with a straw through a hole in my dusk mask.

EZGRT Ramadan promotion for Sleeves, Cases and Speakers

Ramadan Promotion: for the holy month of Ramadan EZGRT is offering Expat and the City blog readers a special discount:

10% off + free shipping.  All you have to do to get this offer is tweet or post a pic in instagram with the following:


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Their instagram and twitter accounts: @EZGRT

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* This post is to help out two blogger friends Omar Alothman (Omarker) and (elderwaza) who started this project 4 years ago with one product the "Kout" Laptop Skin. Over the years they added more skins for other devices and other designs by both local and international artists.  Their latest redesign of the site includes new products like Sleeves , Cases and Speakers.

August 3, 2012

The City ~ A Magazine From Kuwaitis To The World

I was sent a yearly subscription (merci :*) to the new Kuwaiti magazine, The City.  It's available monthly for Kuwait Times subscribers or you can pick up your free copy at many local hotels, cafes, malls and restaurants.
I thought the Ramadan edition was very well done. I like how it's written in both English and Arabic. The magazine covers everything from health, fashion, travel, technology, gadgets, interviews, interior design and more.
This month they have an entire section dedicated to the Holy month of Ramadan.  I found the part on “What is Ramadan” particularly interesting since I am a Christian expat in Kuwait. One part talks about maintaining good health while fasting. I'm always curious on how Muslims are able to go without water all day in this terrible Kuwaiti heat. I really admire their dedication and faith.
If you haven't picked up your copy of The City magazine be sure to check it out. I look forward to receiving my monthly subscription. They have something interesting for everyone's taste.

Newly released novel: “What’s wrong with Faris?” by Kuwaiti Author Dhari Buyabes

Photo Credit: Dhari Jassem

"What's wrong with Faris?" is the first novel by Kuwaiti writer Dhari Buyabes, who graduated from Kuwait University with a Bachelor’s Degree in the English language and its literature. Currently, he pursues his Masters Degree in Comparative Literature in Kuwait University's College of Graduate Studies. His novel is based on his previous short story entitled "Hospital Bed."


Faris thinks the symptoms of his sickness aren't serious. After Faris neglects his symptoms, his doctors are left to try to heal him and ameliorate his deteriorating condition. During his hospital stay, he takes a physically and psychologically challenging journey that teaches him about life more than anything else.

The book is available at That Al-Salasil bookshop (the Avenues) and also at The Kuwait Bookshops (Al-Muthana’s basement). It will be available at more bookshops in the near future.


Twitter: @FarisNovel

Congratulations Dhari!

Shark Week Florida Stoner Style

LOOOOOL! Some "Beavis & Butthead" American guys went shark fishing in St. Petersburg, FL and witnessed a large shark eat another shark while it rammed their tiny boat.  One of them reacts like a little girl...

Thanks Bro :*

Warning:  Adults only ~ bad language.  Just mute the video or don't watch it if you are offended by it.

August 1, 2012

The best steak I ever ate in Kuwait

Inside the restaurant picking up our to go order after shopping for family gifts.  I wanted something tasty for after washing and packing for our trip to America.

These cheesy cupids describe exactly how I felt with each bite: In LOVE

Wagyu beef fillet that is the best I've ever had in Kuwait. I read that it's one of the most expensive steaks around but it's worth it. I've had Wagyu many times but nothing as amazing as this juicy, tender and marinated to perfection South African style fillet.

Medium rare Wagyu beef fillet

Mashed potatoes that were creamy and delicious.  

The Meat Co is located in 360 Mall.