April 30, 2012

Scary (Real Life?) Barbie!

The Ukrainian Doll

Guys, is this creepy or attractive? As a girl I say creepy but I'm sure some find this attractive.  I hope she doesn't make this doll like, blank, emotionless expression all the time.

Here are some news articles that are all over the Internet:

Photo credit: See link above.

The Ukrainian Doll ~ Side View

The UK Doll

The American Doll

April 27, 2012

Hayati Butterflies

Photo credit: Butterflies Google Images

Our relationship / engagement is officially, completely, undeniably over. Dinner wasn't about reconciliation and a last minute compromise. Our last meal was about closure and saying goodbye.

I was a nervous wreck and slightly emotional but it was so good to see him. We talked and laughed (I <3 his laugh) for several hours at one of our favorite Kuwaiti restaurants. I had butterflies in my tummy throughout the entire night and I kept wishing that he would agree to compromise a little so we could possibly get back together. Of course he was just amazing and told me how much he missed and loves me. I told him how much I still love him and how I’m having trouble living in Kuwait without seeing him all the time.

Nothing much to say about the rest of the dinner except I think he is moving on and accepting that I may not be “the one”. He didn’t say it but I just felt he looked almost relieved that it’s finally over. I think he just felt so hurt by my actions and he has finally had enough. I’m not used to feeling insecure but I am really down. As I’m writing this post it just sounds so pathetic and I know what you’re thinking…”Expat is F’ed up”!

Dinner did go well because he listened and I was able to confess everything that made me afraid.  At first we kept interrupting each other to talk which only made us keep laughing at each other. He is such a good man.

Now that it’s really over I have never felt this kind of loneliness like the way I'm feeling without him. I have my highs and lows but after our last meeting it's been mostly lows. Kuwait just isn’t the same and I've thrown myself into working as much overtime as possible. I keep thinking about my life and going over every detail of our relationship in my head and it’s so depressing without him.

Part of me wants to be alone and by myself because I need the time to just work through my emotions and stop loving him. Some of my friends have suggested that I start dating again. Their suggestion felt so insulting to me and I feel like they don’t really care. (You know who you are B’s!)

There have been several invitations from local and Western men who want to “take me out as friends to cheer me up” since they all know my situation. I refused each invite because I would rather walk on shattered glass and then soak my feet in rubbing alcohol. I have absolutely no interest in men at all. I’m about ready to join a convent and crochet my life away.

I did take one positive step. I started applying for safety jobs outside of Kuwait in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc. Just seeing what’s out there because I would love to do one year in Dubai. I keep thinking it would be something different yet still only 55 minutes away from him by air. Urrrr, pathetic!

Every time I think of Hayati I still get butterflies in my tummy. :(  He just sent me a message to check on me and tell me that he still loves me.

My Lady Bits, LOL!

Photo credit: Somewhere in the land of Google Images

April 25, 2012

American Guy in Kuwait with Fake Credit Cards Stole KD 80,000 in Gold

This is NOT the guy...Photo credit: Google Images baby :p

The Kuwait Times: (Link) A male American made KD80,000 by reselling gold he bought with forged credit cards. His assistant, a Syrian national, helped him by translating and finding places to buy and sell the gold away from the watchful eye of the police. Criminal investigators managed to arrest both of the suspects responsible for multiple cases in which forged credit cards were used to buy gold from different jewelry shops in Kuwait.

Investigations began after authorities received information about illegal activity in which people entered Kuwait to trade illegally in gold using forged credit cards. Eventually, investigators were able to identify a shop where a suspected transaction took place. The shopkeeper provided information on the two customers he said bought bullion using credit cards.

This information helped police to arrest the Syrian suspect in Hawally, who admitted he assisted the prime suspect. He said he received his share after each operation. The American was later detained in a set up in Hawalli organized by his assistant. He explained during investigations that he transfers the majority of money obtained in the illegal operations to beneficiaries outside Kuwait, who send him the money he uses to pay for the gold. He said the credit cards were forged outside Kuwait and he brought them into the country when he arrived here.

We Went To The Kuwaiti Towers Today But They Are Closed For Maintenance Work

The Kuwaiti Towers April 25, 2012

We quickly went to the Kuwaiti Towers today during my work hours (lunch break) because of this new project we are working on for the blog. I'm glad they are renovating the towers to make it much safer but sad we weren't able to go inside.  The guy outside said it would be around six months before they open. *InshAllah*

I found this article below in the Kuwait Times online:

The Kuwait Towers will remain closed starting April 24, 2012 until further notice as maintenance operations are being conducted , announced a senior Touristic Enterprises Company(TEC) official yesterday.

 “As per Ministry of Electricity and Water(MEW) recommendations to protect public safety, the Kuwait Towers will be fully closed to allow the beginning of comprehensive maintenance operations including renovating the facility’s fire alarm system,” said Khalid Al-Ghanim, Vice Chairman of the Board and Managing Director. An announcement on Kuwait Towers’ opening will be made after maintenance operations are conducted, Al-Ghanim noted.  (Source: Kuwait Times)

April 24, 2012

Peeing Your Respect to Mr. Blair

The US Secret Service says they are prepared for anything after their sexful Colombian vacation. Just in case he tries to pee our former President a visit...

A Kuwaiti government official was tasered by police in the UK after he was found urinating outside the home of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, it has emerged. (Source & Story)

* Thanks anonymous for your comment with this link. LOL!

April 20, 2012

Five Finger Death Punch Rocks Camp Buehring Kuwait 2012

The Best Live Performances in Kuwait are usually on the US Camps.  You can read about this metal band here: (Link)

For you baby! :p

Columbia: Just Another Country's Stamp You Don't Want in Your Hubby's Passport!

Deployed and Adorable: Some American Soldier Girls Exploring Kuwait City And The Avenues Mall

I found this video on one of my favorite blogs: His&HersQ8.  You can check out The KUKU C. Blog and view more of her Vlogs: (here).

Isn't she a cutie pie? It's funny to hear her talk about Kuwait as a newbie and US Soldier. 

* KUKU C. ~ I tried to comment to let you know I re-posted this Vlog but I kept getting error messages. xoxo

How About Some MAGIC MIKE with Your Coffee This Morning?

This movie is a 9 out of 10 on the cheese factor but guess who's in it? Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey showing off all their stuff. Now that's some serious eyecandy!  Yummy!!!

I had the privilege of meeting Channing's doppelganger on Camp Arifjan last week. Tripple Yum!!! He was in the Army and stationed in Afghanistan. No, I didn't faint or jump him cuz I'm a southern lady. ;P

April 19, 2012

Dinner Tonight with My Ex

Photo credit: Google Images

I’m going out to dinner with him tonight to talk in person. I tried to meet for coffee but he insisted we go to eat. My plan is to confess everything I feel and do the right thing for both of us. Hopefully he will tell me everything as well. The problem is he never lets me finish or listens when it is something he doesn’t agree with. He must already know the truth in his gut but he just wouldn’t accept it.

A big part of me wants to get back together with him but I know I can’t. I hope I don’t embarrass myself with tears in public because I’m an emotional mess this time of month. I was driving home from work yesterday and started crying over the words to an Eminem song. It’s the song where he apologizes to his daughter and ex wife for being a rolling stone. PATHETIC!!!

What if he wants to meet so he can drop a revenge bomb on me? Like breaking the news that he is already dating someone else or engaged to his first cousin. (Kidding about the cousin part! ;)

Please wish me luck cuz I really need it.

April 18, 2012

Massive Jahra, Kuwait Tire Fire Threatens Public and I Unknowingly Drove Through it Twice Yesterday!

Photo Credit: Arab Times.  Firemen look on as tires burn in an inferno after nightfall. 

I was exposed twice yesterday to this black cloud of toxic tire smoke while driving in Jahra because nobody put out the information or blocked the roads. I was out in Jahra for safety inspections and didn't know what it was until I read it on some of the blogs. This is a real environmental disaster and shame! This is also why they outsource for safety engineers and pay me the big bucks to work here!

You can read all about this Kuwait environmental disaster in this article: "MPs rap govt as massive Jahra fire threatens public": (here)

April 14, 2012

My Easter Weekend in Kuwait with Instagram

This beautiful ornate Easter egg came filled with decadent, Godiva, chocolate eggs.

I was still a little down in the dumps so my gf invited me to spend Easter weekend (3 nights) with her and M at the Kuwait Hilton. I went for the Queen Deluxe Plus Room for the fantastic pool and Arabian sea view.  It's been a long time since I stayed at the Hilton Beach Resort and I'm a huge fan of their beach, spa and pool.

Fruit and Arabian sweets from guest services.

I was afraid that staying here would bring back too many memories of the time we spent here together.  I rose above it and just spoiled myself.

The Arabian Gulf with views of the pools and Palm Court Terrace.

Hi there handsome...lovin' your white dress (dishdasha)! ;P

Like you're sleeping on a cloud....awwww

Breakfast in bed while my friends are sleeping...?

The perfect omelet!

Butterfly waffles drizzled in dark chocolate and melted Danish butter.

When I stay at the Kuwait Hilton I never bring my own shower toiletries because theirs is AMAZING!

We spa'd everyday after the beach. I recommend the 90 minute aromatherapy and the 90 minute hot stone massages.

This may not be the most glamorous spa in Kuwait but their masseuses are the very best! I love their variety of 90 minute treatments, ice room and wave pool.  The prices are good compared to the other Kuwait spas. Where else can you beach it and then spa it?

Songbird Cafe

Caesar Salad

Grilled US Beef fillet, medium and sauteed veggies.

Real mashed potatoes with melted Danish butter.

Always lovely fresh flowers left in your room <3

I don't leave home without my Godiva's!

Coffee in my room after returning from the spa.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! :*

March 2012 Top 100 Kuwaiti Blogs

Danderma is nice enough to put in numerous hours of work every month to post on the top 100 Kuwaiti blogs according to Alex's ranking.  I made it in at # 52 in March and you can check out Danderma's post here: (Link)

Thank you Danderma <3 and a BIG shout out to all of my readers from Kuwait and around the world. Love you guys! Muwaaaaaaaaaaah! :*

April 13, 2012

“Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza” ~ Glamorous Fashion Show and Exhibition in Kuwait

This glamorous fashion show and exhibition will take place on the 27th of April, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Salmiya.  Tickets must be purchased in advance and are for 10Kd per person.

Proceeds from the event will help provide education to underprivileged children.

Samples of the clothes can be seen online at: Fashioneastas.com