March 31, 2012

I'm Drowning

Photo credit: Splash

I have to write this out and express how I feel. It's not that I need more advice or judgment because I know I made the right decision for my future. I just feel so broken hearted and in shock. It's like I'm drowning and nobody can save me but myself.  I've kept this part of my life hidden from others. I cannot openly talk about it with friends because it's just too painful for me right now.

The first week after I left him was sweet freedom and I unknowingly buried my true feelings. Now its reality and I feel like an important part of me is gone forever. It's just me instead of "us".

Lately I’ve been weak and very close to taking him back in my life. It would be so easy just to start back where we left off because he is so wonderful to me. I truly love him more than anything in this world.

Please don't think I left him because he is a monster or at fault. He just loves me and doesn't want to let me go or out of his sight for even a minute. He can't accept my decision to end our engagement and feels with time he can change my mind. I broke his heart when I told him I couldn't marry him and used my family as my entire excuse. Oh God, I'm such a coward and a terrible liar. I just couldn't break his heart by telling him the entire truth: that I don't want this way of life permanently with him in Kuwait.

I can't be expected to give up everything in the USA and stay here forever. I mentioned giving birth to our future babies in the USA where we have the best hospitals in the world. He panicked like I’m going to run away with his newborn and join a Christian cult. What is so wrong with wanting Christian babies because that is my belief? I have nothing against his religion but it's not fair that I am the one giving up this important part of me.

His career and family is also more important than mine so leaving Kuwait is out of the question. He won’t even discuss other possibilities. I'm too young, selfish and stubborn to make such a life changing decision. What about my parents when they are old? It's not fair to leave their care to my siblings while I'm thousands of miles away. How can I justify my children seeing their Grandparents only once or twice a year?

There are just too many things that I would have to sacrifice and with him it's very little. His entire immediate family has embraced me which is nothing short of a miracle. I would love to stay friends with everyone but so far it's not working except for his parents. He is beyond devastated and believes we will end up together because we love each other too much.

This is so damn hard but I am almost sure I've done the right thing for me. I already waited too late and should have never accepted his proposal. He can’t accept it. I’ve even thought that I should quit my job and leave Kuwait. Maybe I just need to put some distance between us. The only problem is that I still would be changing everything for him.

I like my job, life, friends and living in Kuwait. I also know that no matter where I go he will follow me. He made that very clear. That is if I can even leave because he told me several times out of anger to not even think about leaving Kuwait.  He said he can ban me from doing so.

I just wanted to write my thoughts out. I feel like I’m drowning and even chocolate and trashy US Reality TV isn’t helping me to feel any better. I will probably delete this post when I wake up tomorrow. Just please pray for me that I stay strong and avoid being sucked back in. I want to save myself before it’s too late.


March 30, 2012

New Katy Perry Video - Part Of Me (We LOVE It On Camp Arifjan, Kuwait!)

I love Katy Perry's pop music. I think she should definitely come to Kuwait and perform for the troops. (Hint hint :P)

I read in the news today that Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' video was boycotted by feminist writer Naomi Wolf.  Obviously Ms. Wolf needed some press time and attention because she if full of %!#*! (Source)

P.S. Women do not have to cut their long hair to join the military. NEVER cut your hair over a man...just sayin' lol

To our women in uniform who bravely defend our freedom:

March 26, 2012

Bama: Does This Sound Familiar? Egyptian Caught Harassing US Woman With ‘Indecent’ Exposure

Egyptian Caught Harassing US Woman with ‘Indecent’ Exposure

Kuwait City, Arab Times (Link), March 25, 2012: Police arrested an Egyptian man for harassing an American woman by showing his private parts to her, reports Al-Rai daily.

Police rushed to a building in Salmiya on receiving the American’s call and referred the Egyptian to police station. The woman later dropped the case after the Egyptian apologized to her, but police kept him in detention for not carrying identification documents. The man claimed that he worked in a sensitive public department, but could not provide proof.

* This isn't the first time an Egyptian guy in Kuwait has pulled out his "Spinx" and "Pyramids" to show an American woman.  Hopefully it's not the same perverted guy that did it a few years ago.

Photo credit: Google Images

March 24, 2012

US Embassy Marks Independence Day in Kuwait

Minister of Information Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah and US Ambassador Matthew H Tueller cut the ceremonial cake yesterday. — KUNA

To read all the juicy details of this mind blowing, insanely wild celebration (hee hee) please click (here). 

I know what you're thinking...The 4th of July celebrated in March?!? Well, that just sums up what it's like living in Kuwait. Nothing is what you expect it to be.  And when you live in the hottest country in the world even our 4th of July celebration can be moved to another cooler, US Embassy approved day.

American Man Possibly Murdered In His Egaila, Kuwait Apartment

American Killed In Egaila Flat

KUWAIT TIMES, Wednesday, March 22, 2012 (Link): A 49-year-old US citizen was stabbed to death at his residence in Egaila, said security sources. Preliminary investigations showed that since blood was found all over the apartment, and the body lay in the bedroom, the deceased must have fiercely resisted the murderer. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

There was a rumor going around at the US camps on Thursday that an unidentified American man was shot to death in Egaila.  Yesterday in one of the Arab Language papers it mentioned that an American man committed suicide by cutting his wrists.  Since the papers in Kuwait typically have different versions of the story we really don't know what happened.  I will just pray for him and his family.  If he was murdered I hope the Kuwaiti police catch the criminal quickly and that he/she will pay for their crime.

Early Easter Treats From Godiva in Kuwait

Don't forget to add coffee <3

Obscene 'Borat' Anthem Mistakenly Played for Kazakhstan Athlete

Read here: LA Times Link

"Yes, the Kazakhstan anthem from Borat. The same one that includes lyrics which extoll Kazakhstan's prostitutes as the cleanest in the region, calls Israel Jewtown, discusses testes and is prideful of an 80% effective waste filtration system. That song. From the movie that completely embarrassed Kazakhstan." Quote & Source:

My thoughts: LOOOOOOOOL!!! It's not like Kuwait did it on purpose. It was just a major F up. Everyone should laugh it off and move on. If this happened to an American athlete they would have probably fallen on the floor laughing.  I think she handled herself really well and what a pretty smile. :)

Photo credit: Borat Movie

March 23, 2012

Embrace Life - Please Kuwait, Always Wear Your Seat Belt

This video is amazing and a must see for you and your loved ones.

More Random Shots of Kuwait with My iPhone 4s

March Photo Challenge: "Fruit" and Hot Chocolate @ the Missoni Hotel

"Going Home" Nobody is a stranger on the US Camps in Kuwait

This is an actual cake @ Mr. Baker

Kuwait City @ night during the National Holidays

Random Shots of Kuwait with my iPhone 4s

March Photo Challenge:Red

Tiramisu for Room Service at the Hotel Missoni

Driving home in the rain on National Day

My gorgeous view of the Arabian Gulf from my apartment

Driving in the desert and running into a Kuwaiti 7eleven (LOL!)

Obsessive about my teeth (March photo challenge)

The Missoni Bed

Godiva's with my Nespresso

Hotel Missoni Espresso cups

Godiva's for Valentine's Day

March 22, 2012

Congratulations to Shilpa Verma for Winning the E&TC Two Year Anniversary Photo Challenge

"This is my favorite pic of Kuwait.... a view of Kuwait city from Kuwait towers on a rainy day ! Just love the view of sky scraper bldg, the sea and the awesome clouds" :-) Shilpa Verma

Congratulations to Shilpa who received more winning votes than anyone else.  The contest was really close because all of the photographs were fantastic! Thank you to everyone for participating and making Expat and the City's two year anniversary so very special.

To view all the amazing photographs that entered the contest please click (here).
Shilpa: Please email me within 48 hours with your name, telephone number, house / flat address for delivery of your brand new Louis Vuitton monogram passport holder from Salhiya Complex.  I hope you like it! :)


March 20, 2012

I GOT MILK in Kuwait!!!

Special delivery when I arrived home from work. Thanks BB :*

My Haras gave me another special delivery from Godiva's Easter Collection.  Just in time to enjoy with some delicious, cold and fresh milk.  Tastes like Heaven and YES, he is trying to win me back by dropping off gifts while I'm at work. 

I'm so happy I'm single and have my fresh milk again. <3

Photo credit: Expat and the City :P

March 19, 2012

I Miss Fresh Milk! Thanks A Lot Kuwaiti Customs!

Photo credit: Mostly Posters

The Kuwaiti Customs strike has perfect timing with my monthly case of PMS! All I want is a giant glass of cold, fresh milk and an enormous amount of Oreo cookies. I can't have Oreo’s without milk because it's a major sin if you don't dunk them in ice cold, fresh milk until part of the cookie floats off. At least in my religion it is and YES, you can look it up!

It's bad enough that you can't 'legally' drink alcohol in Kuwait and now there is no fresh milk to be found. I can just see the illegal cows in back alleys producing illegal black market fresh milk for 50KD a pint.

I know that some of you will recommend that I just drink the long life milk that's made from powder. Well that stuff is bad for you and tastes nasty compared to the real thing. I mean, if you ran out of refreshing coke would you suddenly start using the powder form? (Okay, I know some of you would. ;)

If you love me and want me to make it through the next week please help me get my hands on some fresh milk. Like if you're a Kuwaiti dairy farmer, call me...hook me up! "HRT" will model a milk mustache for you with nothing else on. ;P


To read about the Kuwait Airways and Custom's strike click: (here).

March 16, 2012

Expat and the City's Two Year Blog Anniversary Kuwait Photo Challenge

To view all photographs at the same time: Click on the first one and view all at full size. :)

Photo 1 by Shilpa Verma

"This is my favorite pic of Kuwait.... a view of Kuwait city from Kuwait towers on a rainy day ! Just love the view of sky scraper bldg, the sea and the awesome clouds"  :-) Shilpa Verma

Photo 2 by Princess of Ikarus

"This picture was taken next to marina waves on a clear cold sunny morning. Shows Kuwait's beautiful seaside and its skyline far away :) .. Very serene and peaceful .. That's how I always want it to be .." Princess of Ikarus

Photo 3 by Triple F

"Although Kuwait is my country but there is something about Kuwait that  no matter how far you go you will always want to come back ❤ and once you are here it's hard to leave." Triple F

Photo 4 by Martha

"Kuwait Towers. High noon, sun directly behind the towers. The picture really shows the beauty and the dedication to freedom of the most important landmark of Kuwait." Martha

Photo 5 by Mohammed I

"It represents home of democracy, in which all all kinds of Kuwaiti people gather to discuss their problems and priorities represented with their chosen man. More over when you look at this sight you feel safe because it avoid clashes between people." Mohammed I.

Photo 6 by Fatemah

"Kuwait skyline... Dreamers perception of Future Kuwait" Fatemah

Photo 7 by Vainglorious

"This was taken at Souq Sharq when I came back home on Christmas, I love having a cup of green tea there in the morning of a cold sunny day. The place has a nice view of the boats and a contrast of modern and historical buildings." Vainglorious

Photo 8 by Ambrosial

"This picture was taken at Marina Waves, just on the opposite side of Maki restaurant. This is one of my favorite spots in Kuwait, the heart of K-town as we say... I took this picture on the 3rd of January, when I was home for my Christmas break. I love our seaside, and I've missed it a lot when I was away. The glossy sea, and the beautiful landscape of down town Kuwait, as the colors of sunset paints it way on the sky.. And I as I was inhaling the fresh cold breeze... It was soothing, and for a moment nothing else mattered, than just living that moment! Kuwait is truly "The Land of Friendship and Peace" Ambrosial

Photo 9 Mariio

"I was thinking a lot about why I love Kuwait, and just yesterday while walking on the beach I noticed them just standing and looking at the waves, covered by palm trees . This Is Kuwait! The sand, the waves, palm trees and families who need no more but being together!" Mariio


Photo 10 by Q8Stig
"I love Kuwait because it has a bit of everything!" Q8Stig

Photo 11 by Moody

"Everyone should visit Kuwait because it's simply BEAUTIFUL!" :-) Moody

Photo 12 by Q8o Snob

"This was taken at Al-Kout Mall in Fahaheel. What I love about this place are the outdoor cafés/restaurants along with the dancing fountain. The architecture of this mall adopts the pre-oil era of Kuwait. A must-see attraction, especially at night. Basically, it's modernization meets cultural legacy." Q8o Snob

Photo 13 by Sarah

"This photo was taken when my sister came to visit me, no wonder she's in love with Kuwait. Sometimes living here you just take for granted this incredible skyline." Sarah

Photo 14 by Fatemah Ub La

"People should visit Kuwait , to see the beautiful places and meet the most welcoming people on earth . When Kuwait celebrates one of the wonders of the world." Fatemah Ub La

Photo 15 by Hussain

"Marina Crescent is one of the most happening palaces in  Kuwait during summer weekends." Hussain

Photo 16 by Bader

"Our love for Kuwait can't be described by words .. Martyrs showed their love to Kuwait by giving their lives for the liberation of Kuwait .. I Hope Someday I'll have the chance to show my love to Kuwait by acts not words. " Bader

Photo 17 by Nawaf

"This is probably my best picture I've taken so far for Kuwait. People don't stop and realize how beautiful Kuwait is, yet instead they just take it for granted, but how I see Kuwait through my own eyes is the beauty of it's nature that is pretty much getting abused and won't see much of it soon or what it used to be due to cutting down the plants and the palm trees which is the essence and part of Kuwait's beauty." Nawaf

Thank you to everyone that participated in this photo challenge.  They look amazing! :)

Each contestant submitted a photograph that they took to represent why they love Kuwait.  The winning photograph will be posted in a few days after all the judges can submit their choice.  The prize is a unisex accessory from Louis Vuitton in Salhiya Complex.

The winner will be contacted via email and should respond within 48 hours.

Shopping in Zurich and Hanging Out in Nespresso Cafe



Nespresso Cafe Zurich

The staff was amazing! We were there for hours to keep warm...:D

When is Nespresso Cafe coming to Kuwait?