January 26, 2012

Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan From the Movie Forrest Gump) is Back in Kuwait to Support the US Troops!

Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan (LOVE HIM) of the American actor, director and musician, Gary Sinise. Currently he stars in the television show CSI: NY but he is most famous for his role as Lt. Dan in the movie Forrest Gump.

Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band will return to Kuwait today to entertain the US troops before departing on January 29th. Gary and his band have made numerous trips around the world entertaining the troops deployed to remote locations.

He was among the first performers to go into Iraq in June 2003 to entertain the troops as part of “Project Salute.” It seems only fitting that he will be entertaining the last of the troops departing Iraq when he performs in Kuwait.

Check out his new non-profit organization: http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/ in support of our U.S. Military.

Source: Camp Arifjan Buzz and article by (Dan Harr)

January 23, 2012

The Terrorists Among Us ~ Top Kuwaiti Court Clears Arifjan 6 ‘Qaeda Cell’ and the Ruling is Final

Arab Times (Story Link) Kuwait City, January 22, 2012 (AFP): Kuwait’s Supreme Court on Sunday confirmed the acquittal of six nationals charged with plotting attacks on a US military base in 2009 after forming an al-Qaeda cell, one of their lawyers said.

The ruling is final after the men were also acquitted by a lower court in May 2010 and by the Court of Appeal in November 2010, Abdullah Al-Kundari said in a statement.

The men, along with two other fugitives, were charged with plotting to attack the US military base at Arifjan, 70 kms (45 miles) south of Kuwait City, that is home to more than 15,000 American troops.

The case of the two others, who were tried and acquitted in absentia by the lower courts, did not come up before the Supreme Court because they are still outside the country.

Five of the men were arrested in August 2009 while the sixth defendant was already serving a life sentence for a 2002 attack on the US military in Kuwait that killed an American soldier.

All the defendants denied the charges and said they were tortured during interrogation.

*** Most US Companies in Kuwait do not offer danger pay (uplift) anymore (if ever).  Read this article and tell me it's not dangerous to work here on the US camps in Kuwait.  Kuwait is a small country and the Arifjan 6 are probably much more than just 6.  They are free to walk around and plan their next attack on the US bases / soft targets while sipping coffee right next to us.  This is unbelievable and makes me sick to my stomach!

Practice OPSEC! Be aware of your surroundings and who is listening.  Always be prepared for an attack and stop being so damn complacent because you work in Kuwait.

January 21, 2012

Nestle Toll House Cafe is Coming Soon to Marina Crescent Mall in Kuwait

My last order from Nestle Toll House. Thanks Hayati  :*

I love Nestle Toll House Cafe and Marina Mall so this is yummy news!

I Keep Having Cravings for Fatburger in Kuwait

Before moving to Kuwait I had never heard of Fatburger.  It's an American burger joint but since I studied university abroad and spent most of my life overseas I didn't have the pleasure of trying it.

The first time I ate at Fatburger I wasn't impressed.  I thought, "what is so fat about his burger"? My love assured me the second time to get the double patty and that I would then love it as much as he does.  I never order a double patty anything but I promised to give it a try the next time and I did.

I ordered a double patty burger with extra cheese and all the fixings.  I also switched from the skinny fries to the fat ones. This made all of the difference in the world.

So there you go, I keep craving Fatburgers and the more I eat them the more I want them.

To read about the Fatburger story click here: Fatburger

To visit Fatburger in Kuwait you can either go to the Spoons Complex in Mahboula or Burj Jassem in Kuwait City opposite the ice skating rink.

The First CFA Cat Show In The Middle East Is Happening Today In Kuwait

January 17, 2012

Kuwait Bike Show 2012 ~ January 27th at Marina Mall

The Kuwait Bike Show is an annual event organized by Harley Davidson of Kuwait.

The show this year will take place at Marina Mall the most popular shopping destination in Kuwait. The event will run over 27 January, 2012.

Invited participants will include all Middle East chapters. The bike show is a competition with different categories, where judgment will be taken on certain points by experts.

Participation Benefits

• Gift for the 1st winner and runner-up of each category
• Assorted gifts on arrival (t-shirts, cap, pin, patch, primo gifts, info on activities

The Wedding Expo in Kuwait ~ February 8 - 10th @ 360 Mall Exhibition Hall

RunQ8 at Marina Crescent January 21st

Come on out and join RunQ8 2012 to Raise Awareness on Road and Traffic Safety in Kuwait!

January 11, 2012

Yeehaw!!! Car Tinting is finally LEGAL in Kuwait!

Check out Q8Stig's blog for more details!

I don't know any Americans (girls or guys) that have had any tickets or trouble from tinted windows in Kuwait. And I'm talking about the dark tints that block out everything. For some reason we just get away with it. Maybe they think it's for our safety? Anyway, I'm glad it's finally legal in Kuwait for everyone.

Readers, who do you recommend for the best tinting in Kuwait?

Gulf Run 7 Car Show in Kuwait at 360 Mall on January 13/14

January 13/14 – 2012 – Car Show at 360 Mall – Kuwait

Both days: 10am-10pm

January 26/27 -2012 – Gulf Run7 at the Bahrain International Circuit

Day 1 – January 26th

10.00-12.30pm – Inner Circuit and Outer Circuit Practice and Race (simultaneous)

12.30-1.30pm – Lunch

1.30-4.45pm – Inner Circuit and Outer Circuit Practice Race (simultaneous)

5.00-7.00pm – Karting Race

Day 2 – January 27th

10.00-12.30pm – GP Circuit Practice

12.30-1.30pm – Lunch

1.30-4.45pm – GP Circuit Race

5.00-7.00pm – Quarter mile Drag Race

Be there to show your support and cheer on the Kuwaiti drivers! <3

Drew Barrymore

Perfect match for Q8Stig?

January 10, 2012

FishFayce Means Fun For Your Events in Kuwait

FishFayce is a digital photo booth concept that can preserve the fun / crazy moments of  your next event in Kuwait. If you want your guests to get involved with your brand or other guests then FishFayce is the perfect icebreaker.

Fishfayce is a well established brand that has worked with major international brands like: Armani, Maserati, Sony Playstation, Saks Fifth Avenue, Blackberry among others.

To book your portable, remote-operated fishfayce photo booths which instantly take, print and project photos of your guests at any event contact them on +965 2227 3916 or info@fishfayce.com.

Check out their official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/fishfayce

Requested post by my blogger friend: Hello965

We White Girls Are Getting Slammed on YouTube This Week! LOL!

Thanks Lou!

January 1, 2012

Christmas Decorations in Kuwait

Arraya Center

Chocopolis at Arraya Center

Ghraoui ~ Chocolate from Syria located in the Al-Bida'a, Al-Arjan Complex

Back at the hotel