December 21, 2012

Flying Gadget Caught Spying on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Photo Credit: The flying object equipped with sensitive cameras used for spying activities seized by police.

Citizen involved as ‘probe’ uncovers likely terrorist plot.  Sensitive material found on ‘flying gadget’s’ cameras

Arab Times, [Link] December 18, 2012, Kuwait City: Investigations into the sophisticated aerial equipment which recently crashed into the oil tower belonging to the Kuwait Oil Company show that a Kuwaiti man is an accomplice in the alleged underground activities, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The prime suspect who is in police custody is believed to be a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah, say sources close to the investigation.

The same sources say the photos which have been retrieved from the equipment’s imaging device contain footage of vital oil installations in Shuaiba and Ahmadi.

This is in addition to pictures of other edifices, the Kuwait International Airport and military installation in the Arifjan Camp.

The sources say the suspect has admitted to assembling the equipment in Kuwait and installing inside it the modern sophisticated filming device smuggled into the country from abroad.

The sources added the investigations are continuing to find out the motives of the people involved in the illegal activities. The sources added the security authorities have formed a team to monitor aerial devices, particularly since some of them are being flown in the vicinity of restricted areas and vital installations.

In a similar development, an Indian expatriate and three German expatriates were arrested recently for taking photographs of some oil installations in Shuaiba Port.

According to security sources, while Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Shuaiba Port, they noticed four individuals holding a camera and taking photographs of the oil rigs.

When the suspects noticed the patrol vehicle, they tried in vain to hide. Securitymen arrested them and referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.



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