March 8, 2012

The Slobbering Kuwaiti Dog's Obsession

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Next time I will think twice before asking to pet one of the Northern US Camp security working dogs at the gate inspection.

This morning as I stepped out of the car I noticed this adorable, very large German Sheppard mix smiling at me. He was all excited upon seeing us get out of the car and prepare our SUV for inspection. I popped open the hood and turned around to ask his handler if I could pet him before he sniffs the car. He proceeded to walk towards me with one extremely enthusiastic, GIANT dog. I reached out my left hand to pet him and the next thing I knew he jumps on me and starts to play. The dog was drooling all over me and wouldn’t get down. If the hood of the car hadn’t held me up I would have fallen down.

I felt a little bit of fear because I didn’t expect this from a highly trained security dog. The dog handler looked as surprised as I was and pulled him off of me. Then as quickly as he got down he decides to jump right back on me again! His mouth was near my face which was way too close for comfort! Then this dog starts drooling all over me and I froze while letting out a nervous laugh.

WTH? These dogs are well trained and never ever jump on you unless they receive the command to attack. Why is this dog suddenly so attracted to me? To the point he is on me face to face with his tongue hanging out. The dog handler fussed at him as he pulled him off me again. Then he had to hold him down with all his strength. The dog clearly wanted more! I looked at my shirt, kind of stunned over what had just happened and over the tons of drool all over me. YUCKY!!!

Security immediately apologized and explained he was attracted to my colorful attire. We all laughed as my co-worker and I hauled ass back to the safety of our car. Once we got in we couldn't stop laughing! I am still soaked in doggie drool!

The moral of this story is don’t “F” with security dogs at the camp inspection gate. They just might jump on your chest and drool all over your bodacious ta ta’s.

*** Keep this in mind girls when shopping at the local Kuwaiti malls! ;P


  1. Security at AJ has been very relaxed lately. Just sayin...

  2. Really? I always feel safe when I see that BIG ass tank. They look ready to kill! :)

  3. Poor thing was probably craving attention and got too excited lol


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