November 30, 2011

Love and Winter in Kuwait

Winter is the most magical time of the year for me in Kuwait. The weather is almost perfect which sets the mood for being in love and romance. Even more so because I have the constant support from the man I love most in this world. We stayed united and strong while making it happily through 2011. Even the family turbulence couldn’t break us apart.

Inshallah we will make it official next year *GULP* and hopefully I will get my wish to elope and honeymoon in Hawaii. That way I can still runaway down the beach if I get cold feet and panic. ;P His wish is more traditional and mine is more free spirit. Actually mine is more: let's wait a few years and just have fun / travel until we want babies. 

I want to send all of my single reader's lots of good luck for finding the "almost" perfect man / woman of their dreams.  And for my married readers, a Kuwaiti winter full of love and romance. :*

I just deleted half of this post...:(

LOL! Thanks Google Images

Photo credit (top): The Guardian

Kuwait Restaurants We Like: Fondue at Salhiya Complex

Salhiya Complex

Salhiya Complex
Kuwait City
Tel: 2299-6424 / 2299-6425

November 28, 2011

6alabat Headache

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6alabat, we love your new website and my friends and I are some of your best customers. Sometimes the food is late or even never delivered but you always make a wrong a right. We have only one serious complaint that I hope you will address and fix ASAP. Whenever we order from your website you offer the option of advance ordering.

If I want dinner at a certain time or date I can click on the drop-down window and put in my request. Unfortunately you are not passing this important bit of information on to the restaurants and they are preparing the food and delivering it immediately. This isn't good when nobody is home to accept the order. After complaining numerous times you advised us to add the date and time in the comments window. Guess what? That still didn't fix anything as the restaurants are not being told. They have even showed us the printouts where that information was MIA.

6alabat, we want to love you long time but please fix this flaw on your website so we can order in advance and receive the food around the time requested.

Thank you!

November 27, 2011

Book Candy ~ The Largest Book Store in Kuwait

This is the biggest bookshop in Kuwait. We took pictures of half the place. It sells academic books, dictionaries, medical books, tons of Arabic and English magazines. Many American and British newspapers, new and classic novels, children books, comics, autobiographies, travel guides and cookbooks. He loves to look/touch books while I'm addicted to buying them online.  That is after they are made into movies. LOL! ;) I think his way is the better way. I <3 my Kuwaiti nerd.


Salhiya, Muthanna Complex, Basement 1, next to the Marriott Hotel

Tel: 22424289 - 22423876

November 26, 2011

Aha! Ban On USA Blondes, Oops...I Mean Birds, Their Derivatives and Eggs in Kuwait

 Arab Times (Link), Kuwait City, November 25, 2011: The Committee for Food Safety at Kuwait Municipality has lifted a ban on the import of all types of birds, their derivatives, and eggs from Russia. However, a ban on similar products from the US remains in effect to avoid an outbreak of bird flu, reports Al-Rai daily.

Chairperson of the committee, Mohammed Ghazai Otaibi, stressed that the ban on the import of live birds from France will stay until the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) releases a report in that regard. He noted the quarterly import of meat from Bangladesh has also been suspended to prevent foot and mouth disease.

He explained the committee is active and plans on recommending to retain the ban on import of birds from the GCC countries until Public Authority for Industry (PAI) and the relevant authority monitoring procedures adopted by the GCC Food Safety Forum give the green light.

In the meantime, two delegations from the embassies of US and France presented conditions and suggestions in that regard, and the committee is waiting for a report from PAAAFR to lift ban on import of birds and meat from the state of Minnesota in the US. 

November 25, 2011

The Breakfast Club Restaurant in Fintas, Kuwait

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I just read on my friend, Taz's, Blog Bananaq8 that a new breakfast cafe will open soon in Fintas, Kuwait. I LOVE the name! It's just fabulous like the 1980's retro movie and soundtrack.

We have high expectations for this local restaurant and wish that they do really well.  Hopefully they will have good food, quality and variety. They should also have adequate seating for inside and possible outside dinning. My Hayati loves going out for breakfast so I will let him be the judge.

For BB and H<3'sPolo! :*

Update: Now that it's officially open to the public we finally tried it for breakfast.

The American Breakfast (Hayati's food)

Pancakes to go please...I am still sleeping from our arrival home to Kuwait from Switzerland.

Thanks instagram for making my pics better ;P

Apparently There Isn't a Waiting List for a Hermes Birkin Bag Anymore

Most of you may already know that Kuwait is finally getting a Hermes store at Al Hamra Mall inside Al Hamra Towers just before Christmas 2011. Kuwait is a little late as Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE already opened their Hermes boutique. Of course this doesn't surprise me when you have several bankrupt restaurant chains, D-list celebrity jewelry collections and other not so cutting edge or A-list brands being brought to Kuwait like it's currently what's hot. I don't understand that concept but apparently they must do well here. The good news is that there are still trendy restaurants (owned by locals), International brand stores and local shops opeing up as well.  Some people here actually know what they are doing and they do  it well.

Anyway, my friends and I are a little excited about Hermes opening in December and apparently there is no longer a Birkin bag waiting list. See article here: (Huffington Post).  I read you can just walk in a Hermes store and buy one if they have them in stock.  (I would have to rob a bank first so no thanks ;P) I still seriously doubt my Kuwaiti Santa Claus has any chance to score me one for Christmas unless he travels abroad or camps outside their door. Let's just wait and see shall we? ;) Don't hold your breath, teeheehee! I'm more excited about our New Year's Eve trip abraod. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!

NY Magazine's article on lack of waiting list

Photo credit: Hermes (top of post) and Just landed (above)

M∙A∙C Cosmetics Introduces Miss Piggy

To celebrate the supremely talented Miss Piggy's return to the silver screen, she & M∙A∙C have created a limited edition, online exclusive collection for Eyes featuring Miss Piggy Pink Eye Shadow, Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapidblack & 36 Lash.

When I saw this new collection from M∙A∙C I immediately remembered my former roommate in Kuwait: the real Miss Piggy (post link 1) and (post link 2).

To view the limited edition, online collection click here: (M∙A∙C)

Black Friday Shopping in Kuwait! Online Of Course ;P

Sitting in front of your computer in your warm VS jammies, burning Christmas scented candles, playing Christmas music, drinking Nespresso, eating The Baking Tray chocolate chip cookies and shopping for Black Friday deals online is the best way for me to Christmas shop in Kuwait. Save all of the fighting and embarrassing shopping drama for H&M Versace. ;P

I woke up early to get my shopping grove on and I'm almost finished with my Christmas list for all of my friends and family in the USA. Even my Zain Internet cooperated with me and gave me some fast action clicks for this fast action chick.

Happy Black Friday Christmas shopping everyone! :D

P.S. I'm still stuffed like a Mo Fo from all that Thanksgiving Turkey and fixings.

Photo credit: Black Friday Google Images

November 24, 2011

Where Was the Best Thanksgiving Dinner in Kuwait? Camp Arifjan!

I found this video on YouTube from the 2010 Camp Arifjan Thanksgiving dinner.  Everything today looked pretty much the same but I didn't take pictures. * Update: Today (November 25th) the video is blocked but I can't figure out how to remove it from this post. :(  * Sorry, It's been on YouTube for a year so I thought it was safe to post.

Today I was invited to attend Thanksgiving Dinner on Camp Arifjan. We all met up at one location and then made our way to the best chow hall.  The first thing that struck me was the fun decorations that were everywhere.  Nothing fancy when you walk in the front door but it just put you in the holiday spirit.  Then there was the friendly personnel that greeted you at the door.

Once inside you could smell the delicious food which made my tummy growl. I was starving and wanted to skip in line (like they do off base) but I wanted to live until tomorrow! There were so many choices and I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Before I knew it my plate was full.  Then the sweetest gentleman put a large slice of cake on my tray.  As if things could get any better I found a milkshake bar with more cakes.  There were ice, fruit, butter and cheese sculptures everywhere.  They did a really nice job.  Everyone seemed to have the Thanksgiving spirit and I loved spending this day with my friends and the true heroes of America, our Armed Forces.

Thank you to all of the US military men and women, the DOD and contractors who serve and protect our country. God bless America, Kuwait and Happy Thanksgiving y'all! :D

November 21, 2011

Spotted: Lots of Butterball Turkey's on Camp Arifjan Kuwait!

 The photographs were taken this afternoon on Camp Arifjan.  As you can see there are still lots of Butterball Turkey's left in Large, Medium and Small sizes.  Don't be a Turkey and get yours before they sell out.

 What NOT to get your MAN for Christmas! 

* Thank you BB :*

November 20, 2011


Photo credit: Gothic

It's no secret if you read this blog that I haven't had much time lately to do it justice. A lot of quick posts and articles that I find interesting instead of posts about my crazy life experiences in Kuwait. I still haven't posted any pictures of Austria (coming soon). I had a brilliant time and I took lots of camera phone pics! ;P

My apologies for not visiting my blog friends enough, answering emails and commenting like I usually do. It's not on purpose and I hope to get back to reading my favorite blogs, posting and commenting soon.

I received lots of great comments (thank you) and I promise to answer each and every one of them very soon.

Lots of <3


November 19, 2011

Driving Around Kuwait

He was actually driving fast with the small child hanging out of the sunroof. I'm so tried of seeing innocent children in danger on the Kuwaiti roads! It's bad enough that we have to share the roads daily with speeding maniacs but there is no excuse for putting a child at risk like this for attention.

Watch Out Saudi Arabia ~ My Expat Eyes are sooooooo Tempting!

Saudi Arabia's Religious Police Outlaw 'Tempting Eyes'

Nov 19, 2011 9:23 AM EST
In the latest affront to women's rights, the U.S. ally has announced that it has the right to cover women's eyes—'especially the tempting ones.' David Keyes on how they're defending the outrage.

“I love the looks of you, the lure of you

The sweet of you, and the pure of you

The eyes, the arms, and the mouth of you

The east, west, north, and the south of you”

—Cole Porter

It’s a safe bet that Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of Saudi Arabia’s religious police, isn’t a fan of Cole Porter. “The lure of you” is precisely why Nabet announced yesterday that the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will cover any women’s eyes that are deemed “tempting.” “The men of the committee will interfere to force women to cover their eyes, especially the tempting ones” he said. “[We] have the right to do so.”

What are “tempting” eyes? One Saudi journalist mused on condition of anonymity that they are “uncovered eyes with a nice shape and makeup. Or even without makeup, if they are beautiful, the woman will be in trouble.” The Orwellian-named committee did not provide a definition of tempting, but if they happen to rely on Merriam-Webster, then it means “having an appeal.” What is an appeal? According to the dictionary, it is “arousing a sympathetic response.” And what is sympathetic? “Showing empathy,” according to Merriam-Webster.

So there you have it. To allow a women’s eyes to capture the unfettered glory of the world, one must empathize with her very existence. But the religious police—massively funded by King Abdullah—cannot do this. “It’s so stupid,” the Saudi journalist tells me. “I don’t know what to say. They have to stop this. Many people will oppose this in the country. They won’t be silent.”

Perhaps they won’t be, but the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has some of the most powerful backers in the country. Prince Naif, recently appointed heir to the throne, has said: “The committee is supported by all sides ... It should be supported because it is a pillar from Islam. If you are a Muslim, you should support the committee.” No surprise, then, that King Abdullah awarded this draconian body an additional 200 million riyals (about $53 million) in March.

How should America respond to this latest affront to Saudi women? Perhaps it can sponsor a contest of the most tempting eyes in Saudi Arabia. Women will send in pictures of their most tempting look and the winner will get to accompany President Obama during his next meeting with the Saudi dictator.
If Congress reconsidered the recent $60 billion U.S.-Saudi arms deal, the religious police might quickly find it “tempting” to stop treating women as property.

By David Keyes Article Credit (Link)

Hassan Ammar / AP Photo

November 17, 2011

I Can't Wait to See This Movie! Snow White & the Huntsman Looks Great!

Versace For H&M Rejects Real Women Modeling Concept

Donatella says Hell to the No when it comes to REAL women modeling her H&M collection.

Oh, No she didn't!

Uh, yes, I think she just did!

The fashion-hungry masses are swooning for Versace for H&M... but apparently Versace for H&M is not swooning for the masses.

The New York Daily News reports this morning that Versace cancelled a Daily News photo shoot featuring real New York women modeling the new Versace for H&M looks.

After initially giving the go-ahead, an H&M publicist later emailed the newspaper regarding the young, twenty-something New Yorkers selected to model the looks, saying:

"Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women."

Of the three proposed "models," only one was OK'd, as the others did not "fit [Versace's] branding."

It's an unfortunately ironic response, given the nature of the collaboration. Not only, as the Daily News notes, is such a collection intended for real women desiring high-fashion style (at an affordable price); but Donatella Versace created the line specifically for real-women Versace fans.

She told

"All these people reacting to what was in the archives -- Gaga, the people in London, the young kids in the office -- they're 25 years old, they're obsessed... But they don't know the whole story. So we did a best of Versace for H&M, a greatest hits, from the beginning until now."

We're guessing the three would-be models fall into or around that category of "obsessed 25 year olds" and would have loved the chance to wear some Versace threads.

Likewise, we would have welcomed the chance to see the collection modeled this way. We'd understand if the shoot were for Vogue, perhaps, or Harper's Bazaar. But the Daily News, given its wide readership and lack of glamorous pretensions, had probably planned a low-key shoot. Did they really need a Natalia Vodianova or a Gisele?

The Huffington Post   Article (Link) by Ellie Krupnick

Daily Mail Article: Donatella 'cancelled Versace for H&M shoot with real women as models because they did not fit her branding'

Kuwaiti Man Spots Wife Kissing American Lover

Arab Times (Link),  Kuwait City, Nov 15, 2011: A Kuwaiti man has filed a complaint with the Attorney-General against an investigator of a police station for refusing to file a complaint against his wife, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Attorney Faisal Al-Otaibi said his client caught his wife kissing her American lover in the parking lot of a commercial complex and when he chased her, she was involved in a traffic accident. He claimed her lover was in the car when the accident occurred.

Protesters Break into Kuwaiti Parliament

Protesters break open the gate as they storm the Kuwaiti National Assembly in Kuwait City on Wednesday

Protesters Break into Kuwaiti Parliament

Angry protesters demanding that the prime minister step down broke into the Parliament in Kuwait City late Wednesday, said a witness who is a Kuwaiti journalist and asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Videos that appear to have been shot from cell phones and posted on YouTube show a throng of protesters at the Parliament chanting, "The people must remove the prime minister!"

CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the videos, which show Kuwaitis inside the Parliament building.

"There is an attempt to bring down the prime minister," said the witness, who added that the protesters had left the Parliament building and were heading toward Irada Square in downtown Kuwait City.

The country has no elections, according to the CIA Factbook. The emir, whose position is hereditary, appoints the prime minister and the deputy prime ministers. The prime minister's cabinet resigned last March, the CIA Factbook says.

Above article from Rima Maktabi, CNN, (Link) , Photo credit: CNN, November 17, 2011

Photo credit: Al-Watan Newspaper

Kuwait Opposition Protesters Storm Parliament As Political Tensions Rise

The Washington Post (Link), Kuwait City, November 17, 2011 — Opposition lawmakers warned Wednesday of a growing political crisis after dozens of anti-government protesters muscled their way into Kuwait’s parliament during debate over efforts to question the prime minister about corruption allegations.

Local media reported the demonstrators briefly chanted before being forced out as hundreds of others protested outside.

Opposition parliament members have sought to question Prime Minister Sheik Nasser Al Mohammad Al Sabah over claims that government officials illegally transferred money to accounts outside the Gulf country. Last month, Kuwait’s foreign minister resigned as the scandal grew.
Pro-government lawmakers managed to vote down a request for the questioning, but opposition groups filed another motion to force another debate later this month.

Kuwait’s key affairs are run by the ruling Al Sabah family, but it has one of the region’s most politically active parliaments.

The prime minister has survived votes of confidence in parliament in the past and Kuwait’s ruling system does not appear in jeopardy from the opposition groups, which include Islamist parties and others.

But it highlights the rising political tensions inside the strategic Western ally, which could host thousands more U.S. soldiers under a Pentagon proposal to strengthen Gulf forces following the withdrawal from Iraq.

Last months, Kuwait was hit by a wave of strikes that grounded the state airline and threatened to disrupt oil shipments.

Kuwait has not been hit by major pro-reform demonstrations inspired by Arab uprisings, but the tiny Gulf nation stands out in the region because of its hardball political atmosphere. Kuwait’s parliament has the most powers of any elected body in the Gulf, and opposition lawmakers openly criticize the ruling family.

In January, Kuwait’s emir, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, ordered 1,000 dinar ($3,559) grants and free food coupons for every Kuwaiti. Those handouts have been since dwarfed by other Gulf rulers trying to use their riches to dampen calls for political reform. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has pledged about $93 billion for more government sector jobs and services. Last month, Qatar announced pay and benefit hikes of 60 percent for public employees and up to 120 percent for some military officers.

Kuwaitis are used to a cradle-to-grave social security system that has increasingly become a burden on the government.

By Associated Press, Thursday, November 17, 2:24 AM

Photo Credit: Al-Watan Newspaper

November 12, 2011

You Know You're Addicted To Shisha in Kuwait When...

Kuwaiti Woman Throws Burning Charcoal On Waiter

Arab Times (Link), Kuwait City, Nov 10, 2011: Police have arrested a young Kuwaiti woman for throwing burning charcoal in the face of a waiter. The incident happened inside a well-known cafe in Salmiya, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Acting on information police rushed to the spot and arrested the woman. She has been detained at the area police station.

The waiter has filed a complaint against the woman and submitted a medical report showing burns on his face.

The young Kuwaiti woman, during interrogation said, "she lost her temper because the waiter delayed in giving her shisha".

Al-Hamra ~ The Tallest Skyscraper is Ready in Downtown Kuwait City

Photo credit: Arab Times

Arab Times (Link), Kuwait City, Nov 11, 2011, By: Iddris Seidu : A celebration for finishing the construction phase of the main structure of the much awaited Al-Hamra Tower took place in Sharq Friday at the premises of the tower, with a huge lighting display.

The event which attracted a huge crowd of onlookers as well as the media was jointly coordinated by personnel of Smart Spectrum of Canada which executed the special lighting contract led by the CEO Baker Baker and Al-Hamra Real Estates Company, led by Deputy Manager Abdul-Aziz Al-Humaidi.

The special lighting was turned on after the countdown clock on the huge trapezoidal LED display reached zero right on 7.00pm.


According to Baker, the one million dollar lighting project took about four months to complete and had every single glass fitted with one pixel of LED light, in addition to the giant 1600X1880 pixel trapezoidal shaped LED display at the main entrance. The 200 square meter trapezoidal display can also be used for live video animation.

Standing at 412 meters and 77 levels high, the Al Hamra Tower which took six years to build, is the tallest skyscraper in downtown Kuwait City and occupies an area of 195,000 square meters. It is also said to be the tallest sculpted tower in the world.

The Al Hamra Tower which comes with over 70 floors of office space, a rooftop restaurant and a spa also boasts of a shopping center that includes a 10-screen cinema complex with IMAX theaters.

The design and construction of the tower defied conventional wisdom which held that skyscrapers must be symmetrical in design or risk collapse. The owners, in an attempt to dispel the theory, constructed the 412 meter high tower with a 100% asymmetrical exterior that included a façade of 130-degree sweeping turn with two fins sprouting from the top and bottom of the structure in opposite directions.

The building isn’t only aesthetic; it also serves a practical form. The twisting shape ensures optimum views, while the opposite stone clad wall acts a protective skin from the desert sun where temperatures top 55 degrees. The 77 story tall concrete wall insulates the building.

The south wall conceived as a tall protective stone element, forms the structural spine of the building and contains a sky bridge connecting the east and west office wings on each floor. The sky bridges present a unique spatial experience with deeply sculpted openings in the south. Strategically located south wall openings allow for dramatic views towards the city, and the infinite desert beyond, while controlling the strong solar radiation from south.


On the ground floor, Al Hamra’s transparent north façade opens up and welcomes tenants with a soaring 20m-tall highly articulated lamella structure inside the lobby. The geometry of the lobby area is generated by applying the principles of lamella structures. The continuous structure acts as a completely integrated strengthening component in the lobby, while creating a dramatic lobby experience for Al Hamra’s visitors.

Steel is the material of choice for most modern skyscrapers. But to deliver the molded sculpture of Al Hamra, they needed a more malleable material. They chose concrete. One of the contractors’ biggest challenges which they finally overcame was pumping 500,000 tons of concrete a quarter mile vertically.

Hermes in Al-Hamra...Hayati's in trouble! :P

Take a tour of the famous Skyscraper: Al-Hamra Link

What it's missing? A Hotel! Why? Why? Why Al-Hamra? That's a BIG mistake! This American Princess wants to shop, eat, go to the cinema, spa it and sleep. :(