June 28, 2011

Lady Carolyn on LUDO BITES AMERICA - "Yes Chef"

Chef, Mardi Gras Princess, restaurant owner and family friend Lady Carolyn is featured on - LUDO BITES AMERICA - "Yes Chef" and I really want to watch it.  PLEASE HELP! How Can I get the Sundance Channel in Kuwait?

Not Your Grandma's Recipe

Classically trained to remake the classics, Ludo Lefebvre is a 5-star French chef who’s writing his own restaurant rulebook. Now, Ludo is on a mission to blend his extraordinary culinary talents with everyday eats. He and business partner/wife, Krissy, are hitting the road to reinvent American cuisine. From Carolina barbeque to New Mexico chiles, each episode finds Ludo and Krissy setting up their innovative touring restaurant at a local eatery desperate for fresh ideas. While Ludo takes a crash course in US culture, Krissy is out generating buzz for opening night. If it pans out, they’ll fill seats and stomachs. Working together with their hosts, the creative duo try to fuse Ludo’s high-end cooking with American classics and reignite a community’s passion for food – inspiring them to live a little more outside their comfort food zone.

Ludo Bites America with Queen G’s

The art of the pop-up restaurant was taken to the next level recently by Chef Ludo Lefebvre, host of "LudoBites.” The French born Lefebvre has been seen on the "Today” show, "Iron Chef America,” and has received countless praise from the greatest chefs in the world. His new series, "LudoBites America” is slated to begin mid-July on the Sundance Channel and the chef will be traveling to six different cities for one episode each.

The very first episode is centered around Chef Ludo’s visit to Mobile. One of the renowned chef’s stops was at Queen G’s Café on Old Shell Road in beautiful Midtown Mobile.

Congratulations to Carolyn and the gang at Queen G’s and our other talented local chefs for playing host to one of the top 50 chefs in the world. I know they are as excited as we are.

I’ll keep you posted as to the exact airdate once I receive word. For more information on Chef Ludo, check out http://www.ludolefebvre.com/. For excellent fried oysters visit Queen G’s.

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June 23, 2011

Versace for H&M Announcement EPK

The VERSACE for H&M! collection will be available from November 17th 2011 in some 300 stores around the world, as well as on-line. This glamorous rock'n roll collection will include iconic Versace pieces for both women and men, in gold, leather and colorful prints. There will be some belts, jewelry and even a few Home cushions and bed linen.

June 19, 2011

H&M ~ All for Children


This September, H&M will take its support for UNICEF/All for Children initiative with a special collection of fashionable, covetable clothes for kids. Available in 150 stores worldwide and also on-line, 25% of all sales from the All for Children collection will go directly to support UNICEF’s projects to promote children’s rights to education and protection among vulnerable communities. H&M and UNICEF launched the All for Children initiative in November 2009. It is a five-year project that is supported by a SEK 40 million (USD 4.5 million) donation from H&M and the project is now being extended from communities in southern India to also help children in Bangladesh.

H&M’s All for Children collection is full of playful and timeless pieces which parents as well as their kids will love. The collection has the subtlety of detail and design attention you’d expect from a full fashion collection, and always made with the child in mind.

The All for Children collection is made to be versatile, so the pieces can be mixed and matched and worn throughout the season and beyond. It’s also one to be coveted, with cashmere used throughout to provide comfort for when the colder weather comes in. Designs are updates of well-loved classics, giving them a contemporary twist. For girls there are dresses, skirts, shorts and gilets, with floral prints, bow-tie decorations and stripe trimmings, all in autumnal colors of nude, mole and coral. For boys, there are check shirts, sweat-pants and hoodies, cord blazers and the essential parka.

Funds raised by the collection will support the All for Children initiative, which aims to create long-term change for generations of children in some of the poorest parts of the world, where many of H&M’s clothes are made.

H&M will support UNICEF work to protect children’s rights in Bangladesh, which will help provide access to schools. We believe that children who learn how to read and write are better equipped to make informed choices about their future.

For more information about All for Children please contact:

It's 52 Degrees at the Beach

The Complete Summer Package at 52 Degrees!

Envision yourself walking down the sunny boardwalk seaside with our indoor beach inspired experience only at 52 Degrees. This Tuesday join us at “THE BEACH WALK” and find your essentials for this summer, from light basics, beach chairs, golden tanning oils & summery shoes.

Reina Style swimsuits by Rana Al-Naqeeb, Teanna tanning oil by Sara Al-Yaqout, Beach chairs by Eng. Ahmed Al-Baghli & summery kaftans by Nashel & Samia.

Starting Tuesday June 14th

From 7pm to 10 pm

52Degrees Store, Al-Tilal Complex


June 18, 2011

Apologize with Food

I love flowers but I didn't get a single one. *sigh*


Melenzane Italian take out delivered to my Haras on Wednesday. Dinner was waiting for me when I arrived home from work. I was mad but my hunger got the best of me. 

Chicken Strips with Corn Flakes and Spicy Mayo ~ Yummy!

Giant Buffalo Mozzarella and Sun-dried Tomato Balls.

Lasagna ~ Where's the ricotta cheese? More cheese please. :P

Very Spicy Shrimp Pasta ~ Yummy!

Not shown: The Caesar Salad and Red Velvet Cake.  They were okay.


(Out to dinner where he cried and begged for my forgiveness. Kidding! Nobody cried. ;)

Japanese Salad

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Sesame Steak and Fries

Wagyu Beef Steak and Fries

Chocolate Hot Fudge and Vanilla Ice Cream

Tatami is the place where we officially made up and he promised not to give me the "ignore treatment" anymore.  The chef is a Kuwaiti female and she greets everyone at their table. The food was delicious and I would definitely go back again.  

I know I embarrassed him by taking photographs of our food at the restaurant.  He gave me this look like I'm crazy.  I'm used to that look. Teeheeheehee.

June 17, 2011

A Little Bit of Paris and Prague

Grand Café Orient in Prague: Designed during the Cubist movement in 1912.

Powder Gate: Built in the 15th Century.

Church of Our Lady before Tÿn, Old Town Square.

Charles Bridge: Links the city across the River Vltana.

Old Town Square at night.

Astronomical Clock: Every hour, the bell rings, 15th Century statues of the Apostles circle inside the clock while a man blows the trumpet. Tourists gather every hour to witness it.

Lunch at Hotel U Prince in Old Town Square in front of the Astronomical Clock.

Steak with spinach dip, eggs and gravy sauce.  I avoided pork and alcohol out of respect for him.  When he was at meetings I made up for lost time. Teeheehee! The Czech Republic cuisine is filled with pork.  He wasn't a fan. Lol!

My Hotel Room in Prague...Not the Ritz Carlton but I loved the location.  I could walk to everything by myself while he was working.   

My room could use some pink in it!

The Old Town Square Hotel

Palladium Shopping Mall across the Powder Gate.

The inside of the mall.

Prague Castle Entrance

Arc de Triomphe: This is the triumphal arch of Napoleon.

LV shop in the Champs Élysées.  I'm not a LV fan but we found his Mother a nice gift.

La Seine river cruise.  We have a photo kissing at the Eiffel Tower that turned out perfect. :D The view was spectacular but the weather wasn't as good as the last time I went there with my Mom.

Holding hands (not shown ;) while we walked on the Champs Élysées.

My Vacation ~ May 2011

June 14, 2011

No Boys Allowed!

If it turns out that I am single again then this summer is going to be work and girls only. I have to stay out of trouble because I am still in love with him. *sigh*

I just want to hang with the girls since I haven't been free to do so (as often as I like) for a long time.  With our busy schedules we have to plan ahead for the beach, spa, shopping or even going out to dinner. 

The major problem is that most of my girlfriends that are still in Kuwait are married / dating and too busy working like I was. Damn!!!

June 11, 2011


Well I must have done something really wrong because I'm getting the Kuwaiti "ignore treatment".  LOL!

Wouldn't it be more adult to tell me to my face instead of ignoring me? I thought I had him trained by now.  Damn!

Courageous Saudi Girls!

"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women!" Madelyn Albright.

I read this story this morning and I felt very proud of them.  How brave they are to drive when it's forbidden in their country.  This is a ridiculous law that suppresses women and their basic human rights.  What if a woman's child needs to go the emergency room and there is no man in the house to drive them? Waiting on an ambulance to arrive could mean wasting critical time to save a child's life.
Go Saudi girls!

Photo credit: Thelma and Louise