August 25, 2011

Arabella Project in Kuwait Animation

This looks amazing! Why would I ever leave Kuwait? Except to visit the family and enjoy cocktails! ;P

Thank you Dr. Mo! :*


  1. Yeah I read about it and post about a while ago, its a European styled project to open soon at Al Beda'a, there will be Altissimo, Long Horn Steak House, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Pizzeria Margherita, MBCO, Semsom, Deer&Dear restaurant among others.

    According to their plan it will open at the end of this year :)

  2. Hi BananaQ8, thanks for sharing your post and making mine look like crap. Loooool, just teasing Taz. ;P

    Why on earth would they bring those restaurants to Kuwait? I will refrain from commenting so I don't sound like a snob or get hit with a lawsuit for expressing my honest opinion.

    I want Bubba Gumps! heehee

  3. well i'll comment on those restaurants .. They all REALLY SUCK!! LOL

  4. Randy ~ LMAO! You are hilarious and have my deepest respect.

    The first time I tried Bubba Gump's was in Hawaii on the Big Island. I remember thinking, "Why in the Hell would they have this kind of restaurant in Hawaii". We went to eat there and then I was HOOKED. Who would have thought American chain food could be so good? Or was it the shots and draft beers? I will never know. ;P

  5. Hopefully, they'll open some upscale restaurants to add some of the 'missing' sophisticated atmosphere :p

  6. Dr. Mo Mo ~ That would be a wonderful idea. :)


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