July 28, 2011

My All About Ramadan for Expats in Kuwait Post

Paris in Jail

Arab Times, Kuwait City, July 27, 2011: People caught eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking in public during fasting hours in the holy month of Ramadan will be fined KD 100, imprisoned for one month or both, says acting Director of Public Relations and Moral Guidance Department at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Ahmad Bader Al-Mulla. In a press statement Wednesday, Al-Mulla advised the public to fully abide by Law Number 44/1968, which prohibits eating and drinking in public during Ramadan fasting hours. He explained the above mentioned penalties are also applicable to those who provoke others to violate the law and the owners or managers of restaurants or food shops that operate during the fasting hours.

He added these establishments will be shutdown for maximum of two months, as stipulated in Article Two which gives the ministry power to close any restaurant or food shop proven to have violated the law. Al-Mulla pointed out the ministry is keen on strictly implementing the law in respect of the feelings of Muslims who fast during Ramadan. He called on the citizens and residents to comply with the law to avoid legal problems.

Arab Times Article Link

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I would like to wish all of my Muslim friends and readers a very happy Ramadan.

xoxo E&TC

* Ramadan is expected to start on August 1st but it all depends on the moon.


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