January 21, 2011

M·A·C Cosmetics Cham Pale Free Giveaway Contest Winner Q8Stig

3. Super Cars Dawn Run in Kuwait


Taking someone to something new in Kuwait is not easy, so I decided to take Expat to a new experiment in Kuwait rather than a place.

It will be a tour in more than one super car (she can move from one car to another) and get the feel of how to enjoy something new in life with all the safety aids.


Congratulations to Stiggy for winning the M·A·C Cosmetics Cham Pale Free Giveaway Contest.

A special Thank You to Q8Stig, Desert Blvd, Rawan and The Side Talk Blog for entering the contest.  All of you had winning photographs to me.  Thank you also to the voters.  There were 769 people who voted and you can view the results at the bottom of this post.

Pick One Winner
1. The Terrace of Our House in Kuwait
2. The National Assembly of Kuwait
3. Super Cars Dawn Run in Kuwait
4. Sunset at Soug Sharq in Kuwait

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1. 29% ~ 222 Votes
2. 1% ~ 10 Votes
3. 36% ~ 275 Votes
4. 34% ~ 262 Votes


  1. WoooooHooooo
    Winning is my new hobby :P

    Thanks to all the dewaneyas and friends who voted for me.
    Thanks to the Kuwaiti students in Australia too.

    And to all those who voted based on liking :)
    Thanks Expat
    We're going out this Dawn! wanna come! :P

  2. Congratulations STIGGY! :D U've earned it ;) We were neck to neck! LOOOL ;P
    I can't wait for ur tutorials at Vavavoom! LOL! ;p

    Expat, thanks for encouraging us on entering ur contest, we had a blast! :D Have a lovely weekend;*

  3. Cool concept. Congrats Q8Stig!

  4. Stiggy ~ Congratulations!!! I was sleeping zzz, did you guys have fun this morning?

    Please email me your name, telephone number and address so I can Aramex you the prize. I hope they pick up tomorrow.:D

  5. Ambrosial ~ Loool. Thank you so much for your support. Y'all have a fantastic weekend as well. :D

  6. Pauline ~ don't give Stiggy a BIG head. ;P

  7. Dr. Mo Mo ~ and where was your picture??? ;P

    I thought you were my biggest fan? Teeheehee!

  8. Thanks everyone, I am still awake from my last comment, speeding everywhere.

    Thanks to all the participants and people who took the effort to vote.

    Ambro! Remember that I still have your number, and it will be posted anytime if you misbehave :p

    Expat : I can't email you my details, can you auction it for me :p

  9. Stiggy ~ Get some sleep!

    This is for when you wake up:

    No, I can't auction off a prize that you won. You can do whatever you want to do with the prize.

    Don't be a little baby, be a Stig. ;P If you are too scared that I might stalk you (DREAM ON) then give me another address and name of a friend so I can send it through Aramex.

    I would never give out your personal info except to Aramex. :)

  10. Cool!
    Congrats, Stig!
    *wonders how he will use the cosmetics and wishes he will post some shots,... :D*

  11. The Stig: LOOL Ya shagoool! Vain. "something" usually has my back. Where the heck is Vainglorious?! lool ;p

  12. Ambrosial ~ Stiggy is M.I.A.! I'm waiting for his email.

    Where is my Stiggy? :'(

  13. LOOL Vain "something" is here! Ambrosial I have your back! Who do you want me to run over?

    Expat take it easy on Stiggy! He's busy applying the make up ;p

  14. Vainglorious ~ LMAO!

    Stiggy ~ this song "Baby Come Back" is dedicated to you.


  15. I was off-roaring all day and you're talking behind my back!

  16. Stiggy ~ you know we are all joking with you. ;)


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