October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween From Kuwait

I just woke up and I'm drinking my home brewed coffee. Damn, I make good coffee now. Do you want some? ;D Tomorrow is officially Halloween but I went to a party last night. Friday night will go down in history as the best Halloween party that I've had the privilege to attend in Kuwait. The people, music, mood, non-alcoholic drinks (looool) & food were fantastic; everyone dressed up and only a few people (Kuwaitis) didn't dance. I'm guessing they were too shy but they seemed to have a great time anyway. There was a real mix of attendees from all around the globe. There was even a Cougar from the UK and she put us girls to shame with her moves on the dance floor.

The only bad thing that happened to me was that I sat in a sticky mess where someone had spilled their food on the chair and didn't bother to clean it up. The room was pretty dark so I just sat in it and ruined my white dress. Yep, my booty was all covered in it and I looked around to see if somehow Miss Piggy was invited to the Halloween party by mistake and sabotaged my dress on purpose.

No sign of Miss Piggy ~ thank goodness! BZ tried to clean my dress up for me in the bathroom but it only made it look worse. I just got over it and ran back to dance with my friends. The sticky ass incident was quickly forgotten and good times were had by all. That is until this morning when some people are really hurting from the celebration the night before. Time to call in the Panadol Police. Not for me cause I was a good girl...;)

Since Sunday is officially Halloween I wish there was going to be another party. No such luck, it's just work work work for me. :'( Now let me enjoy my coffee and catch up on my favorite Kuwaiti blogs and readers comments.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. Muwaaaaaah!

Halloween is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints' Day, but is today largely a secular celebration.

Common Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, ghost tours, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, committing pranks, telling ghost stories or other frightening tales, and watching horror films.

Loool, what some of my friends are doing this morning. ;P

October 28, 2010

Half and Half: When your Dad is Kuwaiti and your Mom is not...

I think I have several readers who are half Kuwaiti and half American. I find that fascinating and I would love to hear your story. If one of your parents is Kuwaiti and the other is a non-Kuwaiti then please comment and tell us a little about your life. You can post anonymously if you would like.

*** Please feel free to comment if you are married to a Kuwaiti or a Kuwaiti married to a non-Kuwaiti.  Anyone and everyone can comment on this post.  The response has been outstanding so far and I am honored that you, the readers, are sharing your personal stories with this blog.  Thank you ;D


How did your parents meet? Are they still married? Does your Mom still live in Kuwait?

What is your life like as a half Kuwaiti and half Westerner?

Are you a secret from your Father's family and live in another country with your Mother?

*** Please feel free to write about anything and everything you would like to share on the subject.  You are not limited to only these questions.  I just wrote down a few I could think of.  I would love to read your story. ;)

October 26, 2010

How to be a Kuwaiti Guy

Loooooooooooooooooooool, this Kuwaiti guy is so funny and cute! 

Check out this link to find out more about how awesome he is:


How to be a Kuwaiti Woman

I found this video on one of my favorite blogs: Banana Q8.  To check out his post click here:


I think this video is hilarious! The Kuwaiti guy is so adorable and funny.  I've made fun of the local guys here in several of my earlier posts so I guess it's only fair to have a little fun with the girls as well.  I think this video isn't mean spirited at all and this guy is just having a little fun.  He did an excellent job and I hope you will enjoy it. :D  I can't wait to see a video making fun of the guys here because they give us plenty of good material. ;P


Urban Dictionary's definition of a Girlcrush:

A (normally) straight girl's crush on another girl, often a celebrity. Is mostly platonic in nature. A girl who is girlcrushing must by definition be straight, otherwise it's just a regular crush.

If I had a celebrity girl crush it would have to be Angelina Jolie. I'm totally straight but there is nothing sexier than Jolie. She is a gifted actress, stunningly beautiful and a devoted humanitarian. Frankly, she is smokin' hot.

Now, let me focus on the reason for my post. There is this beautiful Lebanese girl that I see whenever I go to an office here. She is working there as an assistant and I've seen her on several occasions. The first time we met she told me I was hot. If you do not live here then you might not realize that this is very unusual conversation for this part of the world. Sure, in the West you might say this to another girl as a compliment but here it's just not a normal part of your everyday conversation. Especially in a professional setting when you first meet.

When she said it I was taken by surprise. I think I actually turned pink with embarrassment. I was sure she was just being friendly and cute. That she didn't mean anything and it was just a compliment. She was extremely friendly, charming and we had the longest conversation. We talked about living in Kuwait, how she is from Lebanon and our love of travel. She couldn't believe that I never visited her country and I told her I would love to one day.

The next few times I saw her I was actually looking forward to it. In an innocent way so don't get the wrong idea. She just seemed so interesting and always ready to help me with my work. She made things happen that seemed impossible and we always had fun together.

This last time I saw her she asked why I never called her. We exchanged numbers the second time we met but I just never called. She wanted to meet for coffee or lunch. I told her before how much I enjoy Lebanese cuisine and she suggested this famous restaurant for lunch. I explained how busy I am and apologized. She kept complimenting me. I think I turned pink again. Loool.

On my way out of the meeting I stopped by her desk to say goodbye and that is when she told me she had a 'girl crush' on me. I started laughing. Hell, I was nervous and wasn't sure what that meant or what she meant by saying it. Instead of being completely freaked out by it I took it as a compliment. I told her I like her too and how I'm glad we are friends. She told me she was going to call me for lunch soon and I told her that would be fun. I've had girls hit on me before and it just gave me the creeps and freaked me out.  I never have that feeling with her.

When I reached my office I went straight to Google and looked up 'girl crush' and found the definition by 'girlcrush' as in one word. I am extremely flattered that someone as sexy, intelligent and worldly as she would pay me such a compliment. But when I'm driving I always go straight and I can't see myself taking any turns, not even for a brief moment of curiosity. I'm guessing that she is just being sweet and that she said it in an innocent way. I plan to go to lunch with her and hopefully we will become good friends.

The New York Times article I found on the net...

She's So Cool, So Smart, So Beautiful: Must Be a Girl Crush


October 22, 2010

Is dating a sin in Kuwait?

Compared to the USA, living in Kuwait as a Christian, American girl is completely different in many good and only a few bad ways. Most of my friends in America frequent dance clubs, trendy bars and cafes on the weekends. Kuwait doesn't have any legal clubs or bars since it's a dry, Muslim country. There are no liquor stores or rave parties unless they are illegal. Most of my friends can't believe I would move to a country where I can't even go to a club to dance and hear live music. Of course most of my girlfriends can't hop on a 50 minute flight to Dubai or Bahrain either. They don't get to jump on a plane to Europe whenever they get a three day weekend. I wouldn't be here if I didn't love it.

One thing you learn quickly in Kuwait is that dating amongst the locals isn't like dating in the US. Of course they date here but it's all on the down low. They hook up over the Internet, chat apps, blackberry, Bluetooth, malls, cafe's, driving in cars, etc. They date at empty beach houses, family farms, and parked cars or during the winter in big tents in the desert. They flock to the Expat areas (Mahboula, Fintas, Fahaheel) for coffee and dinner dates at American restaurants. So they can hide from their co-workers, fellow students or relatives who might see them and destroy their reputation.

The big three ~ Family, Reputation, Honor ~ is something you don't mess with here. When it's time to marry a local is often put under the microscope. Their Mothers are networking and searching for that suitable mate. Does he have a lot stamps on his passport to Morocco, Thailand, Bahrain, Egypt and Dubai? This would mean 'fun trips' to be with girls. Did she study in the US where she might have gone wild compared to Kuwait where she would have parental supervision? Does she spend a lot of time at the mall with her friends where she might be flirting with the opposite sex? Does he have a bad reputation for chasing girls?

I would bet that many locals might find it hard to believe that even in America sometimes dating is forbidden. In strict Christian societies arranged marriage and virginity until marriage is often the norm. I found this article below written by an American girl that came from a strict Christian family and I thought it was interesting. Since several of the locals that I've met here think American girls are just like Hollywood movies. We are portrayed as uneducated, wild girls jumping in and out of the sack and having illegitimate babies at sixteen. Of course this does happen a lot in America compared to Kuwait. This is also not a crime in America in most cases. If you get pregnant here when you are not married it is a serious crime punishable by jail and maybe even death (honor crime) by a relative.

I do feel that one reason women do not have a high rate of illegitimate babies here is that they do practice abstinence more. They simply aren’t allowed to socialize with the opposite sex unless it’s a brother, uncle or parent. But they also use the ‘back door’ too and you don’t find many American girls doing that as a form of birth control or maintaining honor so they can one day marry as a ‘technical’ virgin.

Is Dating A Sin?

 This article below is by YourTango

As a young girl, raised in a Fundamentalist home in Texas, I believed that I was supposed to get married. My friends and I often played games where we matched ourselves up with the other boys in Sunday School. As I got older, my parents encouraged my sisters and I to think about courtship. Courtship, loosely defined, is a man asking my parents permission to "hang out" with one of us girls and then asking permission to move to "dating" only after declaring his intentions for marriage. My parents explained that the world of dating was just too full of heart break and anytime your heart broke, you lost a piece of it. "Don't you want to give your husband your WHOLE heart?"

My family wasn't the only one caught up in this idea of courtship. In the wake of the publication of I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, a whole generation of Christian conservatives were booting modern dating out the door. There were rallies and conferences where we jammed out to Christian music and cheered when a speaker said things like, "Dating is of the devil!" or "No kissing before marriage!" We sighed when we heard stories about a couple sharing their first kiss on their wedding day. We weren't just pledging our virginity, we were pledging to stay away from dating, hand-holding, kissing and the opposite sex. We were pledging to prepare ourselves to be good wives by staying submissive to our parents until the day they handed us over to our husbands.

In high school, after my parents caught me skipping work to go play tennis with some guy friends, they sent me to a camp where I was put through a week of Bible studies that focused on submission and preparing to be a Godly wife. One leader explained to me, "Women are like horses. They have power and strength, but that power and strength needs to be trained. Parents are the trainers who prepare a horse to be submissive to its eventual master." I left that camp determined to date. I figured it would be better to be a little broken hearted than to be treated like an animal.

When I finally started dating, I was surprised at how lackluster it all was. I had been prepared for a sordid world of emotional turmoil, sin and moral compromise, instead I just found really nice guys who bored me after a while. I kissed them. We held hands, but never once did I feel like I was losing a piece of myself. On the contrary, I felt like I was regaining control of who I was and what I wanted out of life. Despite my parents best efforts, none of my sisters ever tried the courting model. One sister commented that when she finally left home she realized that relationships weren't about fitting your idea of how the world should work on a person, but accepting and enjoying people as they came.

Not every one I know abandoned the courtship model, however. One friend married the son of close family friends after their parents both approved the courtship and his stated intentions to marry her. Another girl I know is 32 and still waiting for her Prince Charming to come ask her parents for permission to court. She lives at home and runs Bible studies encouraging other young women to stay submissive to their parents as preparation for their submission to their husband. While I admire her tenacity, I wonder if God wouldn't prefer it if she slapped on some lipstick and hit the town.

The idea of courtship and this movement against dating isn't just some fad. It remains a strong counter-culture movement that influences large parts of America. The best pop-culture example is the Duggars, who don't allow casual dating. Personally, I struggle with the idea of courtship. It pigeonholes women as passive creatures and men as hormone-controlled sex machines who shouldn't be allowed to be alone with girls. And yet, I understand the desire to make relationships about something more than just sex.

I didn't kiss dating goodbye, ultimately. In fact, I welcomed it with a nice big wet one one and through it, I found the man I would eventually marry. And while he did ask for my parents' permission to marry me, the choice was ours and ours alone, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

What do you think? Is dating a sin?

By YourTango.com

Another interesting article on dating for Muslims in America:

It’s Muslim Boy Meets Girl, but Don’t Call It Dating

New York Times Article

October 16, 2010

Halloween Candy for Adults

No tricks...just a treat ;P

I'm saving this Candy Bra for my future Hubby and our first Halloween together. It's my Halloween costume and his Halloween candy wrapped up in one BIG & Tasty Surprise. ;D

October 12, 2010

Halloween 2010 in Kuwait ~ Party Costumes that didn't make the Final Cut

What would you wear in Kuwait for a Halloween party? If you are prepared you plan ahead because you will have to either order your costume online or have it made.  That means you should have already ordered your costume weeks ago from the USA.  If not...you might be in trouble.  It takes on average 5 - 10 business days for APO delivery. 

Since Kuwait is a conservative country your costume shouldn't come from the store, "Sluts are Us" looool, but to each it's own.  I would shop there if I was living in the States because Halloween is the one night you can get away with dressing like a bad girl. ;P I know the American hoochies in Kuwait are going to dress the way they want too.  You Go Big Girls! :D I prefer vampire, a little scary and tastefully sexy.  I don't have to be an original because that is almost impossible nowadays.  Nothing too uncomfortable that you have to worry about your parts popping out while dancing.  Been there, done that!

Why hasn't HBO launched True Blood cast Halloween Party Costumes to make my busy life easier? I want to be (and will be) the Vampire Queen character from True Blood, Queen Sophie-Anne.  I had to put almost everything together myself with very little time.  Thanks to my Mother's help back in the USA I am almost set.   She sent me awesome vampire teeth. The red wig is too red and so I might have my hair dyed strawberry blonde and pray it doesn't look pink.  Wish me luck with that :P

True Blood's Vampire Queen, Queen Sophie-Anne ~ I love her classic style

It has finally happened in Kuwait...

The cooler weather is here! Yipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's so nice and cool this morning that even my chest headlights are on full blast. Loool.  I need a scarf to cover them up before they do major damage inside my office. (See XXX photo of my frozen tatas below this post.)

October is my favorite month and I love cool weather.  Halloween is just around the corner and I'm so excited.  I can't wait to snack on Halloween candy and dress up for the annual Halloween party.

Thank you God for this beautiful day! I hope everyone enjoys the good weather and has an awesome day at work. :*

(Hahaha, no tatas.  I'm just being silly...Gotcha!) ;P

October 10, 2010

Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Arab Times, Kuwait, October 9, 2010 

Cross-dressers chaos

Securitymen arrested three cross-dressers for causing chaos on the Restaurants Street recently.

While patrolling the area, the security officers found a car with three women inside surrounded by several cars. The officers discovered the women were actually men clad in women’s clothes when they checked their identification documents. The cross-dressers were referred to the concerned security department for the necessary legal action.

Meanwhile, capital securitymen arrested a cross-dresser and referred him to authorities. Sources say securitymen noticed the strange behavior of a ‘girl’ in Bneid Al-Gar and were shocked when her identity card revealed that he was a man.


Arab Times junkie who is blank on what to write about lately.  Any ideas readers?

October 8, 2010

For the Brave One

Courage ~ the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Arab Times, Kuwait City, Oct 7, 2010: In what is believed to be unprecedented in Kuwait’s history, a 27-year-old Kuwaiti Muslim man, identified only as _____ has taken to court the undersecretaries of the Ministry of Interior, Health and Justice and the director of the Public Authority for Civil Information in his quest to change his religion to Christianity in all his personal documents, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

In a copy of the legal document obtained by the daily, the man’s religion is mentioned as Muslim and he was born in 1983.  He lives in the Governorate of Ahmadi and works for the Ministry of Interior.

He has been quoted as saying from the time he reached legal age he has been practicing Christianity and now wants his religion to be changed in all official documents.

Edna St. Vincent Millay's Quotes

"Let us forget such words, and all they mean, as Hatred, Bitterness and Rancor, Greed, Intolerance, Bigotry. Let us renew our faith and pledge to Man, his right to be Himself, and free."

James Madison's Quotes

"We hold it for a fundamental and undeniable truth, that religion, or the duty we owe our Creator and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence. The religion then of every man must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate. This right is in its nature an unalienable right."

October 6, 2010

A Costly Kidnapping in Kuwait

Okay...so when they try to kidnap and rape again will their families keep bailing them out with luxury cars and cash money? This isn't just a problem in Kuwait but in the USA as well.  (Pay offs - Michael Jackson / Kobe Bryant.) Criminals are set free to commit crimes over and over and their parents, wasta or wealth can just buy their way to freedom. 

If anyone tries to do this to me no amount of money or luxury items will save you.  My Daddy is going to whoop your ass and then kill you with his bare hands.  (I love talking Billy Bob's language.) Let your parents buy you a luxury coffin because you’re going to need it.

Out-of-court settlement over kidnap, rape bid

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27, 2010: Two Kuwaiti youths allegedly tried to kidnap an Ethiopian woman, who works at a restaurant, in Abu Halifa recently.

According to security sources, the woman cried out for help when the suspects suddenly parked a luxury car beside her and forced her to get into the vehicle with the intention of raping her. Passersby rescued the woman and reported the incident to a nearby police station.

Sources revealed the suspects’ families have been negotiating an out-of-court settlement with the woman.

Sources said the woman allegedly demanded for the luxury car, which is worth KD 15,000, in addition to KD 5,000 cash.


October 3, 2010

Swimming with Billy Bob and His Filipino Posse

Why me? Lately I've been pretty lucky without a lot of run-ins with Mr. Billy Bob. Last weekend I went to the pool during the late afternoon and jumped in for a swim. After a few laps I looked up and had the privilege of seeing Billy Bob walk out to the pool in his swim shorts. *Screams* Let me paint this picture for you...

Billy Bob looks like he is 9 months pregnant with twins. His legs have never seen the sun so they were so pasty white that they literally blinded me. He was sporting a rather lovely redneck tan. The kind of tan where it looks like he is wearing a white t-shirt but he's not. After his posse of Filipino girls popped open a bottle of near beer for him he asked one of them to rub in his suntan lotion. (I wish I was making this up for a funny post but trust me I'm not.) The girls were giggling nonstop while one rubbed in the lotion and that included his big ass belly. They made an irritating noise that even swimming under the water couldn't mute out. As soon as I came up for air he said, "Hello darlyn" and I answered a quick hello back while I tried not to roll my eyes. He mentioned he was looking for me all week but couldn't find me. (That's because I hide from you.) Again with the girls and their high pitched giggles. As I kept swimming my laps I pondered the question..."How is Mrs. Billy Bob doing?" She's probably relieved that she doesn't have to be within two thousand miles of him and gladly just collects his paycheck.

Still, I kept on swimming until he belly flopped in the deepest end of the pool which left a little less water to swim in. He swam closer and closer to me and I starting wishing he was a great white shark instead of a giant, floating redneck.

He started talking about a barbeque and how I was invited. (Little k ~ you are too ;P) That was very nice of him and I tried not to be such a snob. Besides, I did grow up in the South so it’s not like I haven’t seen a few million Billy Bob’s in my life. As I held a brief conversation with him and his posse I kept thinking how much I miss having my own pool back home in the US. Nothing beats privacy when you want to swim and clear your head. All of a sudden there are air bubbles floating up from Billy Bob’s swim pants. OMG!!! Disgusting! I jumped out, grabbed my stuff, practically ran and dried off near the elevator. Lucky me! Yeee haaaaw…!

All images from google

October 1, 2010

Aaron Lewis, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock group Staind in Kuwait

"It's been a while" ~ my favorite song by Staind.

Yesterday on Camp Arifjan there was a 'meet and greet' and live performance.

Here are some pictures of Aaron at the 'meet and greet'.