August 31, 2010

Your Momma


One of the girls took this photograph at her office in Jabriya, Kuwait.  I thought it was kinda cute.

August 30, 2010

JUST BECAUSE I CAN (Dedicated to Fahad @ Core Fitness ;P)

I decided to indulge in all of my cravings today :D
                                                       * This was on Saturday

                                   The Menu:


Coffee and Chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme Donuts.  I also added some fresh, sliced fruit from Dean and Deluca.


Grilled Cheese with fresh, baked bread, Danish butter, sharp cheddar cheese and tangy mustard for a kick.  I prepared a side salad for some greens.

My stove ~ WOW ~ I didn't burn anything! :D

This is the only picture I took, the rest are from Google Images.


Homemade pancakes with hot, melted butter and Canadian maple syrup.  I washed it down with a cold glass of skim milk.

Today I was bad, real bad but tomorrow I will be good, real good ;P

August 29, 2010

The Big Easy

I <3 New Orleans.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories from staying in this spectacular city.

Caf'e Du Monde ~ My parents went here on their first date.

So yummy...I miss having white powder all over my lips.

That's Big Kevin in the middle.  I would always run in and grab a handful of homemade pralines.

Yummy ;P

The Street Car ran in front of my Aunts house on St. Charles.

A dream that came true.

Where I tasted my first draft beer while listening to local Jazz.

Mardi Gras ~ Laissez les bon temps rouler!

5 years since Hurricane Katrina

* I wish I had my New Orleans photographs with me here in Kuwait but they are on my PC at home.  All images taken off Google.

August 27, 2010

Bad Behavior

Google Image

Last night at approximately 8 PM I was driving on 30 to meet the girls for dinner while talking on the telephone with TB. I was concentrating on driving and talking to my friend when I noticed the car huggers on both sides from the corner of my eyes.

Car Huggers: Desperate local men trying to get a girls attention by driving their car as close to yours as possible. Sometimes almost hitting your car.

Okay, this is normal behavior here, especially when a girl drives alone at night but my question is.... Isn't this the Holy Month of Ramadan? Shouldn't you show some respect during this month? After all, I am following your rules by not drinking water, chewing gum or eating in public from sunrise to sunset. I am dressing extra conservative and I didn't even have a stitch of makeup on except for transparent lip gloss. What happened next just ticked me off.

When I took my exit off 30 I noticed only one car was still following me and flashing his lights. I had to stop at the store but I didn't get out of my car, I just beeped and waited with my windows up. He pulls over and gets out of his SUV. Then the usual happened: blah blah blah. I just ignored until the man came to take my order and I cracked my window. Then I just lost it and told him off! (No cursing but strong words.) How could he be so disrespectful during Ramadan? He looked older, about 30 plus so I am sure he was married with children. Well I basically told him Ramadan Kareem and shame on worked and he drove off.

Not less than five minutes later I pull off to continue my way to the restaurant when another car hugger is on my tail. This AH follows me all the way to the restaurant parking and approaches me when I am walking to the front door. Well, I said Ramadan Kareem again and told him off in a ladylike way (no curse words). His English wasn't as good as the other guys but the look on his face let me know he understood I was really ticked off. He ran off back to his car with his tail between his legs.

The point of my post is that if we as Expats are obligated to respect the laws of the Holy month of Ramadan then shouldn't the car huggers give us a month off from harassment? I'm just sayin' ;P

Google Image


August 24, 2010

The Only Taco Bell in Kuwait

Half of My Super Supreme Beef Taco

I can't resist Taco Bell whenever I am back on Camp Arifjan.  This is the only Taco Bell in Kuwait so I'm glad I still have base access for my Mexican, fast food craving.  Today my friend Todd went to grab us lunch at the border.  It was extra fresh and yummy.  Do you want some? ;P

'Ms. Plastic' Heidi eating Taco Bell

Update: Taco Bell is now available in Kuwait and not just on Camp Arifjan.


August 23, 2010

No More Booty Friction

With some free time at work this afternoon I went Internet shopping for my favorite bath and body products.  At the bottom of the page on one of my favorite US Websites I saw an add for Anti Monkey Butt Powder that made me giggle.  I thought I would share...

Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation. It is Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don’t let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead!

August 21, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Since my little apartment is jam-packed with boxes I can barely move around much less have my maid clean. My friends know that I would rather go out on a date with Bill O'Reilly then clean my own apartment. I've always had a maid since birth minus my study abroad. Unfortunately, due to the crowded circumstances of my casa I've had to do some cleaning myself. I know this is only for a short time until I get unpacked and organized but so far I've almost killed myself. I shot myself in the face with Clorox kitchen spray by accident. Who knew that wet hands with a bottle could be so dangerous? It slipped out of my hand and then my other hand grabbed the top while shooting myself in the face. Thank goodness my eyes closed just in time but my mouth wasn't so lucky. I had to rinse out my mouth for what seemed liked eternity. Does anybody want a Clorox kiss? Muwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Please don't even ask how I'm doing laundry. Not only is my entire, new apartment furnished with Friday Market's finest. (Don't worry, I've removed it all and replaced it with the good stuff.) I have to suffer from the Washer / Dryer Combo. That means my washer and dryer is in one machine. Whoever invented this piece of crap should literally be shot or rundown by an 18 wheeler! So far I've ruined some good clothes by burning and shrinking them. If you see a girl with extremely tight pants on don't think she's a hootchie mama lookin' for a trick. Maybe she has one of these pitiful machines that attacks your clothes and leaves you with a wardrobe malfunction disaster. Yep, that MF Machine ruined my favorite jeans and then some. I declared war on it and I'm gonna win if it kills me. I'm tossing it out and buying my own separate washer / dryer set. I hope I find a machine with buttons in English. I'm not good at doing laundry so I need more than pictures to direct me on how to wash.

I'm far from being a Domestic Goddess and this move has taught me that I'm never going to be one.

Green Beans Coffee in Kuwait is Yucky Yuck!

Ramadan means that I am forced to drink Green Beans Coffee whenever I visit the US Camps in Kuwait. Usually when I have to go on base for a few hours I stop at one of my favorite coffee shops on the way. Since they are closed until the evening during the month of Ramadan I am forced to purchase a mediocre, palpitation inducing cup of Joe from Green Beans Coffee. Their coffee is bitter, too strong and sometimes it even has a foul odor. I've had to toss it in the trash more than once.

My biggest issue with Green Beans is that they do not offer any milk but whole milk. I'm a skim milk lover but I could settle for the occasional low fat milk. They do not even offer the customer a choice. And their milk is not even fresh, it's long life garbage. Their pastries are stale and tasteless. I would have to give Green Beans Coffee as a whole a rating of one star out of five. In Kuwait it’s just Yucky Yuck! 

August 16, 2010

The Nightmare Move

Have you ever tried to move into a matchbox when you are a shopaholic wannabe fashionisita? Let me tell's not pretty. I am completely exhausted because of the amount of hours I work plus this move. I'm ready to just light a match and set fire to all of my stuff. I gave and threw away over 50 percent of my things but I still can't fit into this apartment. I miss US closets and adequate storage. I miss my large place I shared with the girls.  An armoire or two just isn't big enough to hold seasonal clothes, casual, work appropriate and evening attire. Don't get me started on my shoes. Well, I wanted to declutter my life and this move is forcing me to do so. I have to look on the brightside. I touched my refrigerator door this morning and there wasn't sticky goo all over it. Yep, no more Miss Piggy. :D

Lost in a sea of boxes

He found his spot already ;P

August 14, 2010

SALT ~ I LOVED the Movie!

I couldn't wait to see SALT and I finally found a copy. I didn't want to see it at the Kuwait Movie Theater because of all the cuts. It took me all day to watch it since I’m busy packing up my enormous amount of stuff that I’ve accumulated in Kuwait. I baked chocolate chip cookies so I could eat them with a cold glass of milk while watching the movie. I needed something to look forward to after being stuck in the house all day going through mountains of shoes, clothes and accessories.

I'm a HUGE fan of the lovely and super talented Angelina Jolie. I've watched her ever since 'Gia' and most of her films are fantastic. She is such a badass in this movie!

Angelina has blonde and brunette hair in SALT and she is stunning with both colors. Without a touch of plastic surgery she is drop dead gorgeous. She is one of the best American actresses of all time and she is my favorite female, action star.

Salt is action packed and I liked the flash backs on how she met and fell in love with her German husband. I kept hearing about the 'terrible ending' on other blogs but I liked how they did it.

*Spoiler Alert* After she saves the world only one CIA agent believes she is innocent. He sets her free so that she can kill the remaining double agents loyal to Russia which leaves the door wide open for SALT 2.

August 13, 2010

Hot Wheels

Birdman Shows Off His Brand New $2 Million Bugatti Veyron

Proof that $$$ doesn't buy class. ;P $300,000.00 a year to maintain the car is a lot of $ after a 2 million dollar purchase price. I wonder if anyone has one of these cars in Kuwait.  Cars like this do not impress me but Jets do.  I am sooooo addicted to world travel. If you invite me to take a ride on your plane to Cape Town for dinner then that would definitely impress me ;P

Two Violators Arrested in Kuwait on the First Day of Ramadan

Arab Times Kuwait, 11 August 2010

‘Fast’ violators held: On the first day of Ramadan police have arrested two men for eating in public, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.  One of those arrested is an Egyptian. He was caught drinking water from a water cooler in front of a wedding hall in Hassawi.  His case has been registered at the Faiha Police Station.

The second man to be arrested is an Asian. He was caught by the Farwaniya police while eating a banana.

Arab Times Article Link

Yesterday, while driving home from work I almost forgot and drank a sip of water. It's extremely hot in Kuwait and I was really thirsty. Thank goodness I remembered because you are not allowed to drink except on a US military installation or the privacy of your own home. I could make it without food during the day but I can't imagine going without water in this heat or my morning coffee. I really admire the devout Muslims who work all day in this hot weather and adhere to the fast. They are very dedicated to their religion. 

August 12, 2010

Masalamah Miss Piggy

After searching for my own apartment in Kuwait I finally found one that feels like home. It's a cozy flat in a nice, new building that is centrally located. There is a decent gym, a fabulous pool and the tenants are a mix of Arabs and Westerners. The price is a little high but that includes 24 hour security and a lovely view of the Arabian Gulf.

No more roommates and run-ins with Miss Piggy. There is no limit to her disgusting antics. I can't take her nastiness any longer. I'm thrilled about having my own place again and the freedom that comes with it. I can cook naked if I want to, host dinner parties for my friends, play loud music and dance around while lip-syncing to my favorite tunes.

I know my parents will not be happy at first when I tell them about my choice to live alone in Kuwait. They prefer me to live with other girls because they think it's safer. I'm just too excited and I can't wait to move in next week. This weekend I'm going to organize my stuff and get rid of all of the clutter that I've accumulated while living in Kuwait. I love to shop and it shows.  Packing is going to be a living nightmare with the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that are piled up in my room. I can't stand the idea of moving but I'm too excited about having my own flat in my second home, Kuwait.

The Bigger the Better

Shooting Range Complex

6th Ring Road Subhan
P.O. Box 21770
Kuwait Safat 13078

Tel: +965 2475-9999

Does anyone know if this place is still open?

When I call there is a recording in Arabic and English asking for the name of the person you want to speak with.  WTH?

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
Mae West

Bex ~ only you would want to shoot guns to start off your Kuwait Bachelorette party. I hope I don't break a nail!