March 29, 2010

Beautiful Women of Kuwait

One of the first things I noticed about Kuwait is how beautiful the Kuwaiti women are and the way they dress, wear their hair and makeup. After visiting several Arab salons I was surprised to see how much makeup they like to wear when in reality they don't need it. They are natural beauties with beautiful tanned skin and large, dark, almond shaped eyes. It's a mystery to me as to why some Arabic ladies would want to bleach their skin white when it's so lovely and tanned. I guess it all comes down to advertisers and what will make retailers the most money.

In the West we are told that tanned skin is beautiful. There are too many products, sun beds and crèmes to promote tanning and the image that the darker you are the more beautiful you will be. In the Middle East I see whitening product advertisements that go as far as saying that you will get the man of your dreams, a promotion at work and the attention you deserve if you lighten your skin. What BS!

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And you are wearing THAT in Kuwait?!?

Before I moved to Kuwait I knew that it was a Middle Eastern country and that I should dress in a modest way. We are born with some common sense that should tell us to dress appropriately and show respect for our host country. You are not only representing yourself, your company but your country.

The first US Company I worked for emailed me a packet on the type of clothes to bring with me. What was acceptable for work on the camps and how I should dress conservatively in Kuwait society. After living in Kuwait for some time I observed the ways that many Female, Western contractors dressed and it shocked the hell out of me to put it nicely! It's certainly not professional at work and it's embarrassing when I see you around Kuwait. All I can say is that you know better and shame on you!

Whenever I see a stylish, appropriately dressed, Western, woman around Kuwait she is usually a teacher, working for a Kuwaiti company or married to a Kuwaiti. When I see a hoochie mama with skin tight jeans, low cut tops that are so tight you can count that they have more rolls then a bakery on Madison Avenue she is almost always a contractor. They have short tops with their tattoos showing and low cut jeans with their muffin tops visible to all. I am not saying all contractors dress inappropriately, but it seems like the majority just let it all hang out.

I am far from perfect and I love to dress sexy but I wouldn't dare wear what I see on a lot of US contractors here in Kuwait. The difference is that I know where and when it's appropriate. Apparently the situation is so out of hand on the US Camps that several companies sent out emails recently reminding contractors what is acceptable attire at work and outside Kuwait. With write-up warnings made clear to all. And don't get me started on Ramadan. You would think they would tone it down a little during the Holy Month. Nope! It's just so disrespectful!

Several of the ladies that I know talk about how they see Arab women at the malls dressing in very revealing clothes and so they are going to wear what they want. Well, if they jump off the Kuwaiti towers are you going to follow them as well? Do you want attention for being a beautiful, appropriately sexy, well dressed woman who shows respect for herself and represents her country well while in Kuwait? Or do you want attention for looking like you’ve served more men than McDonalds on Gulf Road?

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March 28, 2010

How to be a Southern Belle

Belle Difficulty Level: hard Time Required: 10,512,000 minutes
This was sent to me via email ~ Author Unknow

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Here's How:

1.Offer Mint Julep or Iced Tea to everyone who visits your house.

2.Eat grits everyday for breakfast.

3.Refer to your house as "The Plantation" no matter how small your house may be.

4.Refer to all men as "gentlemen caller" or "beaux".

5.Never let a man know you're interested or chase him because you know there are too many men who want you for you to expend the extra effort.

6.When you have a dating dilemma and have one gentleman caller over when you are expecting another, claim to be "expired" and excuse yourself for a nap until he leaves.

7.Whenever you are asked to do any work, fan yourself and claim to have the "vapors."

8.Refer to every party you go to, even a kegger at the local university, as a "cotillion." All other parties are yankee garbage.

9.Try to use words like "darlin'", "sweet" or "precious" in every sentence.

10.Belong to a country club. If you don't, refer to any club you belong to as a "country club". No one will know the difference.

11.Set under a magnolia tree with a parasol fanning yourself often. Passers-by will take notice of your belle-ness.

12.Never marry a Yankee unless you want to be a Yankee by association.

13.Never be seen without your makeup and girdle.


1.A parasol and an umbrella are not the same thing. If you refer to your parasol as an "umbrelly" you will never be a belle.

2.Being a belle is a lifetime of work so practice everyday.

Southern belle

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Cover illustration of Harper's Weekly, September 7, 1861 showing a stereotypical Southern belleA southern belle (derived from the French word belle, 'beautiful') is an archetype for a young woman of the American Old South's upper class.

During the period, Kentuckian Sallie Ward of Louisville was the most noted belle in the South, and her portrait, which hangs in the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, is often called "The Southern Belle." A Southern belle epitomized Southern hospitality, cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.

The archetype continues to have a powerful aspirational draw for many people, and books like We're Just Like You, Only Prettier, The Southern Belle Primer, and The Southern Belle Handbook are plentiful. Other current terms in popular culture related to "Southern belles" include "Ya Ya Sisters," "GRITS (Girls Raised In The South)," and "Sweet Potato Queens." Today, a Southern Belle is also another name for a débutante from the southern United States.


Hop Hop...Authentic Playboy Bunny Outfits are on sale for the first time!

March 26, 2010

Cheating 2.0: New Mobile Apps Make Adultery Easier

How depressing! What is the world coming to? It's bad enough that I work in a country where 97% of American men are cheating on their wives who are oblivious at home in America.  Maybe their wives are cheating on them back home as well? I know I'm a little naive but why oh why all the cheating? The Internet and cell phones have opened the doors to cheating far and wide.  Social networks, dating sites, free on-line adult videos, chatting, and the list can go on and on. 

Also, working thousands of miles apart doesn't help. Especially when there are a certain group of "me need Green Card women" who live in the most popular grocery store and hand their numbers out to every Western guy who walks in and the older the better.  Yep, that's their full time job, pretending like they are grocery shopping but what they are really shopping for is clueless dum dums! Me love you long time if you feed me, give me money (because my Mother is sick) and give me Green Card after I get preggie on second date. 

What about family values? True love? Commitment?  It's all very sad and makes me never ever ever want to get married.

Update: The Asian women in the most popular Kuwaiti grocery store are hookers and not looking for a real date.


March 25, 2010

Female Police Officers + Kuwait = Hot!

Arab Times Photo

These ladies look like they know what they are doing and look great doing it! Way to go Kuwait!


March 7, 2010

Why in the Hell would someone like me Blog?

I thought I should write about why someone like me (non-writer, I'm a painter and world traveler) would blog about my life experiences in Kuwait. I had the idea a while ago to start a website for expat women in Kuwait. Expat and the City, I own the domain. I was really excited and asked my Dutch friend from University in Europe to design my logo and website. This is what he does for a living and he is a fantastically, talented artist. Jeroen (sounds like urine) was thrilled to help me.  I told him I was happy to pay him his normal fee. He agreed with a discount to design me the best website I could ever imagine in my little head. Well, as all things go with the men in my life it didn't exactly turn out the way I planned. In the initial stages of developing Expat and the City he quit. His live in girlfriend got jealous of us working together (WTF? We are 6 hours away by plane and just friends) and gave him an ultimatum! And he chose her over me and ended our friendship forever. Tot Ziens Dutch Wanker!!!

At least he gave me the rights to my current logo for free. This was the first draft but it will have to do. Why the blog? Call me Forresta Gumpetta, but I just had to write. I should give some credit to DG on Kuwait. I just started reading her hilarious blog and I thought, hell, some funny F-up S**t happens to me almost every day in this country so I might as well put it all down on a blog as well.

My Mother is totally against it since she is afraid that her debutant daughter might disgrace the family name. I was like Mom, don't worry, I’ve already done that! Remember when......

Photo Credit: Forrest Gump the movie & Best Costume