May 2, 2010

10 Places You're Guaranteed to Meet Men in Kuwait

I found this cute article on StyleCaster by author Carly Spindel and decided to change it up a bit for Kuwait. Meeting a guy in Kuwait is easy. Meeting Mr. Right isn't! I never ever chase men. In fact, they practically have to hit me over the head for me to notice them. I get hit over the head a lot in Kuwait. Like most of my Expat girlfriends here, meeting a guy in Kuwait is easier than flossing your teeth BUT crossing paths with Mr. Right isn't. Having a GREAT GUY to enjoy your time off with while you're living far from home might take some initiative on your part.

Tip # 1 ~ Drive down the Arabian Gulf road at night wearing sexy clothes, lots of makeup, big hair, blaring hip hop music and don't forget to look inside every guys car with a smile. (JUST KIDDING! Don't do this unless you have a death wish! ;P) Save this technique for the Drag Queens. (Yes, they have many cross-dressers and they frequent Gulf Road according to the local newspapers.)

1. Eat Out

I'm in for anything that revolves around eating out in Kuwait! Who has time for cooking when Expats work 6 to 7 days a week? Kuwait has tons of terrific, new restaurants opening up every day.

Kuwaiti men might want to go home to Mama and eat most of the time but chances are you will see some yummy ones out and about around Kuwait. They love trying the latest, hippest restaurants and of course there are all of those oldies but goodies.  Since there aren't any legal bars in Kuwait you will find singles mingling in cafes and restaurants.

Busy, single men don’t have time to cook. This is why they need a girlfriend. ;) However, when they are tired and hungry after work, they dine out at restaurants. So if you want to meet a new man, try a new restaurant at least once a week.

2. Join a Gym

If you work on any of the US Camps here in Kuwait there is a state of the art gym open 24/7 for free. If you're not in to meeting Western (mostly American) men then there are several coed gyms in Kuwait.

Gyms are places where all body conscious men go to let off some steam. If you meet a man at the gym you can see what he really looks like when he’s all sweaty. If he looks good in gym clothes, he’ll look great in real clothes. People who work out are also much happier (translation: a better partner to be with).

3. Pay Attention To Your Pet

The sun is out and love is in the air. People are outside enjoying the weather. Take the opportunity to give your dog some extra attention and go to the seaside. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one. Or volunteer at the local Kuwaiti animal shelters to host a rescued dog. Many men think of dogs as soul mates (who else better understands their zest for the simple things in life?) and will often frequent dog runs. The soul mate part doesn't apply to most Kuwaiti men but if they see a girl walking a cute dog, he will most likely start talking (stalking) to her.

4. Fix Things

Ace Hardware in Kuwait has more than hardware. Lots of hotties go there so check it out.

For most girls, Home Depot is the worst place in the world. I would rather sit in an icebox and freeze than go to an over-sized tool shed. But, guys consider it their inner handyman source. Men love fixing and building things, so Home Depot, Lowes (Ace Hardware in Kuwait) stores are always filled with an array of manly men.

5. Start To Love Toys

I already love toys (loooooooooooool)! ;P

Men love toys. The bigger the boat and the faster the engine, the more powerful the guy will be. The same way women love fashion shows, guys love toy shows. Car and boat shows are places where single men are like a flock to a shepherd. If you attend a car or boat show, pick up on the finer things in life (um, Ferrari's anyone?), while meeting a man to drive it.  There are also racing events held throughout Kuwait.

Kill the cheesy guy and steal his bad ass ride!

6. Wash Your Car

Like anyone would wash their own car in Kuwait! Not likely but going to a professional car wash is a great way to meet men and see their toys. Just remember, those hot wheels might be rented, daddy's or their huge monthly car payment might mean you would be paying for dates.

Speaking of cars, most men love their four-wheelers and they like them to appear brand new. It could be a rut (pun intended, but most of my friends date men who are car freaks and they have been taken to car washes much too often.) But while they are there (bored to death), they noticed that the place is filled with men, and pretty hot ones sometimes. So head to a car wash and remember, your car can never be too shiny.

7. Be Tech-Friendly

True or false? Men are into electronics. All the men I’ve known have proved this statement to be true. Men love technology and are always looking for new phones. If you want to meet a tech-friendly type of guy, frequent a mobile phone, Zain, Wataniya or Viva store.

Beauty and the Geek - Reality at its worst!

8. Pick Up a Sport

Jet-skiing, boating, walking along the Arabian Gulf. Do you like tennis or golf? Well, start to love them both! Being active will boost your confidence and help you stay fit. Golf courses and tennis clubs are places that men go to with their friends. If you join one, you can better your game and meet new people.

9. Coffee Shops

I love me some coffee! ;-) Try to go to a different coffee shop a few times a week (especially coffee shops that just opened) and you just might meet your exotic, Prince charming. Be sure to order extra whip cream on that mocha frappuccino! ;p

10. Get Cultured

Kuwait Top List of Interest

Experience Kuwait by going to a museum, the Scientific Center, Kuwaiti Towers, Green Island, etc. If you meet a man at a museum, chances are he is interesting and cultured. You can also brush up on some art history while looking for that prospective boyfriend.

Well, this all seems like a lot of work! I will just wait for Mr. Right to show up at my front door step and continue dating Mr. Wrong after he knocks me over the head.

xoxo E&TC

For those of you in the USA, check out the original article written by Carly Spindel.


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    “Mecca” is not an appropriate name to address a main place or location. It has its distinction as a holly place, and other places cannot be used as similar points of interest to demonstrate.

    I'd appreciate if you would replace the word!

    Thank you,

    Gaz Jr.

  2. @ Gaz Jr. - I'm very sorry to offend. I replaced the word pronto. In the article it was referring to: A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest.

    Thank you for your comment. :)

  3. I'm surprised about the inclusion of "reading", I'm a writer myself and from what I know is that Kuwaitis hate to read! I even published my debut novel abroad to make better sales.

  4. I agree Ali. I adapted the list from a US article. I should have put shisha joints. Loool! ;-)

  5. @ Ali, I replaced book stores with my favorite: coffee shops! Because a shisha smoker couldn't keep up with me! lool

  6. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    @Expat and the City,

    Your understanding is greatly appreciated. There is no offense!It is just a clarification :)!

    Love to read your blog :)

    Take care :)

    Gaz Jr.

  7. Thank you Gaz Jr. That is very sweet of you and I hope you will continue to read my blog. :)

  8. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    Cute post. But a Kuwaiti man wouldn't refer to a dog as his best friend. The saliva of a dog is najis, and considered to be unclean amongst us Muslims. Dogs are never to enter an area of prayer and not kept inside the home. This is why you don't see many dogs as pets in Kuwait. Also, anything a dog touches or licks must be washed a number of times before being considered clean again. So a Kuwaiti man isn't likely to spend much time chatting up a woman and her dog.

  9. that's one hell of a post you got there lol!! love the way you write... :)

  10. @ B - Thank you so much for reading my blog and the compliment. :)

  11. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    There are a lot more men than women here. If you are a Western woman here there is no shortage of local men willing to spend lots of money to woo you. There are lots of Western men also. In short, walk out your door and you will meet single men. It seems to matter little what you look like, a woman that is a three back in the Western World seems to get more attention than a nine or ten would back home, its a very interesting thing to see.

  12. @ Anonymous - loooool. I guess it's only fair that a woman that is a "3" would get a lot of attention here considering the American men that are "- 30" get a lot of attention from "me love you long time for Green Card girls". Looool. There are plenty of maids and service workers here that they can date. I'm happy to see everyone enjoying themselves heehee! I don't think there is any shortage of women in Kuwait. ;-) It's just like anywhere else in the world. Some men want "3's" to use as do the less fortunate girls who want 55 year old, married American men to use. There are suckers everywhere. :) Thanks for your comment. :)

  13. Thank you

  14. Can you do a similar post for men? I mean to say can you write another article titled, "10 places you're guaranteed to meet a woman?"

    1. I will add that to the lists of posts and do it for you. :) It will have to be "Western Women" in Kuwait because I don't know how you would meet an Arab lady without her Father and Brothers wanting to cut your heart out for even trying to talk to her. ;)

  15. apart from the title, that "Life in Kuwait through the big blue eyes of an American, Southern Belle", Big blue-eyes-belle-writer(which does means she can talk sense) is quite intriguing indeed !
    I'm new to Kuwait and Dating Women seems like a BIG task,since as soon as you land up, you are told "Not to look into the eyes of an Arab Beauty,else you are screwed" and I think I have quite an appetite of gazing into a Women's eye. That's QUITE a Moment ain't it ?
    How can I be DATING a women in here ? Advice me.


    1. Welcome to Kuwait Caesar and be careful of the brothers / fathers of any Arabian beauty that might cut your thingy off for flirting with their sister / daughter. ;) Looooooool! I guess a safe place to start for you is online or at the malls. Good luck!


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