October 1, 2014

Happy Eid Al-Adha Kuwait!

I know this is early (because I'm traveling to Europe for Eid) but Expat and the City blog wishes our Muslim friends around the world and in Kuwait a very happy Eid Al-Adha.

xoxo Expat and the City

Everybody is doing it: Home based businesses in Kuwait are legal

Kuwait is a tax-free country where home based / Instagram / FaceBook / Blog businesses are basically legal.  This means expats and locals can make a lot of easy money without any oversight or government enforced legislation.

If you order food from a home based business you run the risk of getting food poisoning since there isn't any health inspector checking if the food is safe for public consumption.  Some cases of food poisoning could prove fatal for the very young, sick and elderly.

I usually stick to sweets and desserts when purchasing from a local home based business in Kuwait to be on the safe side.  In the US we have a lot of bake sales to raise money for charity or special causes.

‘Legal’ home-based businesses thrive in Kuwait

Kuwait Times repost [link]

Running a business from home is very popular in Kuwait, especially with the great role of social media during the past few years. People sell various items from their houses without having any license for practicing commercial activities. This may carry risks for customers who buy from these home-based businesses as they don’t have the right to claim damages for bad quality or fake brands, as the seller is an individual without a commercial license.

According to local legislation, practicing such activities is not illegal. “We don’t have any local law sanctioning people who work or do business from their homes. Only in few cases when some customers got harmed by food poisoning, they were entitled to claim for compensation,” attorney Hussein Al-Asfour told Kuwait Times. Anwar Al-Mubarak, inspector at the Customer Protection Department of the Ministry of Commerce, noted that the absence of legal regulations makes these businesses spread and expand in the community.
“The privacy of houses and private places is highly respected in Kuwait. Our inspectors can’t enter a house or a private place, so the only way for unsatisfied customers is to complain at the police station, and they can demand the accused seller report to the police station,” he noted. “The police can try to solve the problem peacefully between the claimant and the seller. Otherwise they may transfer the case to the general prosecution. Then the claimant will go through the legal process at the court to get compensation,” he added.
Hopefully a new law will be issued in this matter. “I heard that soon there will be a new regulation organizing this issue. If such activities are regulated or forced to be licensed, it would definitely eliminate the numerous complaints of unsatisfied or scammed customers, as the seller will have legal responsibility. Also, it may allow our inspectors to deal with such businesses run from homes,” explained Mubarak.
The department currently deals with companies and licensed stores only. “If a customer complains against a store, we can go and check the complaint and give the store a notice to attend and try to resolve it amicably. But if he doesn’t attend or we don’t reach a solution, then we transfer the case to the prosecution and the case will be dealt in court,” he concluded.
The Municipality deals with foodstuff, and their inspectors are in charge of unlicensed sellers, but the same problem of private places exists. “We can’t enter private places including houses, hotels or exhibition halls based on a complaint of a customer. The complainer has to complain at the police station that will send a letter to our department at all the municipality branches in any area.
And based on this letter our inspectors can go to the place. We only deal with food, which is related to cleanliness and hygiene. For other stuff, customers can claim at the Customer Protection Department of the Ministry of Commerce,” stressed Abdullah, an inspector from the Municipality. People can call the hotline of the Customer Protection Department on 135, and the Municipality complaints hotline on 139.
By Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer, Kuwait Times

September 29, 2014

World Heart Day, Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Center in Kuwait invites you to join the awareness journey "The Road To Healthy Heart"

In the occasion of the World Heart Day, Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Center invites you to join the awareness journey "The Road To Healthy Heart" in the avenues, phase 2 starting from September 28th until the 30th, from 10:00 am until 10 pm.
Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Center #SACC is a non-profitable governmental center, specialized in cardiovascular disease.
At #SACC we are keen on raising awareness about cardiovascular disease among the society. And we aim to combat the disease through this awareness campaign.

Total respect: Saudi prince and Emirate's first female pilot lead the blitz on ISIS as Arab states (minus Kuwait) send squadrons of fighters to blast terror group in Iraq and Syria

Daily Mail: United Arab Emirate's first female air force pilot, Major Mariam Al Mansouri, 35, pictured left and right, from Abu Dhabi, is a squadron commander 

Daily Mail: The son of Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prince Khaled bin Salman, has been pictured in the cockpit of his Tornado IDS jet after piloting it in strikes against the terrorist group in Syria

Firepower: Saudi Arabian air force pilots pose for a photo at an undisclosed location after attacking Isis fanatics. They're pictured here in front of a Tornado jet

Courageous: Major Mansouri, from Abu Dhabi, made a remarkable rise through the ranks of the UAE air force. She's pictured here in an F-16 Desert Eagle
I finally have some free time to post this...Daily Mail article [link].  We really don't have much to write or say about the lack of our second country's participation.  It's just so disappointing and shocking that they are not an active member of the coalition.  This is one of those moments when your our children's children will look back and see why their country is light years behind its Gulf Arab neighbors.  
We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender. 
Winston Churchill   
The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That's the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead! 
George S. Patton 

September 26, 2014

Kuwait sharp shooters snatch two new medals at the 17th Asian Games [ASIAD 2014] in South Korea’s Incheon

Kuwait Times repost [link]: Kuwait’s national shooting team has added two new medals, one silver and one bronze, to Kuwait’s medals tally at the 17th Asian Games in South Korea’s Incheon. Shooter Fehaid Al-Deehani won the silver medal in men’s individual competition and the national team won the bronze medal in teams’ double trap contest. “We were too close to snatching gold medals in trap and double trap of individuals and teams contests, but luck was not in our side,” Al-Deehani told reporters after receiving the silver medal. He expressed satisfaction was his and all the shooting team’s performance. The new medals take Kuwait tally up to five medals; one gold in squash, three silver and one bronze in shooting competitions.

The Asian Games, which this year combines total 45 nations from across the continent, is considered the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympics. Meanwhile, Kuwait’s national squash team has qualified for the semi-final phase after trouncing the title holder Pakistani team 2-1. “The national team players have put in an outstanding performance during the various group matches,” national team coach Nasser Zahran told KUNA. Zahran added that there is a remarkable progress in the performance of Kuwaiti players which helped them defeat the Asian Games champion Pakistani team.
The new win places the Kuwaiti team at the top of its group with four successive wins. Kuwait will face the top team in the other group in the semi-final stage. On Tuesday, Abdullah Al-Mezayen won his country’s first gold medal at the 17th Asian Games after beating Indian rival Ghosal Saurav. The Asian Games, which this year combine a total 45 nations from across the continent, is considered the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympics. The Games will end on October fourth. — KUNA

September 25, 2014

Mall of the Emirates reveals Arab superstar Najwa Karam as guest of honour at 'World of Fashion 2014'

Majid Al Futtaim's Mall of the Emirates has revealed that the Arab superstar known for her vocal powerhouse and a Middle East fashion icon, Najwa Karam, will grace the fourth edition of `World of Fashion,' taking place on October 15th-31st. The announcement was made today during a glamorous press launch held at the Sheraton Hotel - Mall of the Emirates, where guests were left with great moments as they turned into celebrities before attending the event. A video of Najwa inviting members of the press to join her at World of Fashion was played, creating anticipation and heightened excitement.

Press info:  Mall of the Emirates reveals Arab superstar Najwa Karam as guest of honour at 'World of Fashion 2014'

  • A two-week preview of hottest trends, catwalk shows and beauty makeovers from October 15th - 31st
  • Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress with her ‘Journey of a Dress’ travelling exhibition

The mall’s Central Galleria will set the stage for the hottest looks of the season as 20 fashion brands launch their Fall/Winter collections in a total of 20 catwalk shows.  
After the back-to-back shows, fashion-savvy guests can rest their heels while getting first-hand information and decode the secrets of a celebrity’s sense of style during the public conversation with Najwa Karam on October 22nd.
Celebrated makeup artist Bassam Fattouh will have a dedicated booth at Mall of the Emirates for beauty demos and makeovers, complimentary to mall guests during the two-week festivities.
The multi-national luxury jewelry retailer, Tiffany & Co will announce the winner for its ‘Emerging Designer’ Prize, which aims to develop young and creative talents in the region in jewelry design.
Last but definitely not the least, a travelling exhibition renowned in the fashion industry will come to Dubai for the first time. World of Fashion will be the host of the ‘Journey of a Dress’ exhibition, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic wrap dress and signature prints, created in 1974 by American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Hussain Moosa Associate Director MOE

World of Fashion 2014, Mall of the Emirates: Fall/Winter campaign to see celebrity superstar, glitzy runway shows, beauty-makeovers and exhibitions from October 15th-31st

Mall of the Emirates sets the stage for the biggest World of Fashion yet

Fall/Winter campaign to see celebrity superstar, glitzy runway shows, beauty-makeovers and exhibitions from October 15th-31st

Dubai, UAE – Majid Al Futtaim’s leading luxury fashion and shopping destination in Dubai, Mall of the Emirates has announced the dates for the pre-eminent fashion festival of the year – World of Fashion, which will be hosted from October 15th-31st. Now in its fourth season at Mall of the Emirates, this year’s event promises to be the most electrifying yet with a ‘mystery’ legendary star and fashion icon making her first World of Fashion appearance. With up to 20 glamourous catwalk shows from some of the world’s most desirable contemporary fashion brands, beauty demos and makeovers from renowned international make-up artist and resident World of Fashion advisor Bassam Fattouh, Mall of the Emirates is celebrating the Fall/Winter season with a month of fashion-infused events.  
“As host of World of Fashion for the fourth consecutive year, Mall of the Emirates has confirmed its leadership as the region’s most enviable luxury and contemporary fashion destination,” said Hussain Moosa, Associate Director for Mall of the Emirates. “World of Fashion is truly an international celebration of style, fashion and beauty with something for everyone including the chance to meet a famed celebrity, sitting front row at our runway shows or enjoying a complimentary  makeover.  As a major contributor to Dubai’s tourism and fashion aspirations, Mall of the Emirates is committed to raising the spotlight on the Emirate’s fashion potential, while creating great moments for all our visitors.”  

The exciting line up for World of Fashion at Mall of the Emirates will be revealed in the coming weeks, including the guest celebrity superstar, international designers visiting World of Fashion, beauty workshops by Bassam Fattouh and the list of contemporary and luxury brands taking the runway by storm, including debut brands in the mall’s new fashion district.
Stay tuned for the biggest and best World of Fashion by Mall of the Emirates yet.
For more information about World of Fashion, Mall of the Emirates, please visit: www.facebook.com/malloftheemirates.

AWARE Fall II Arabic Courses in Kuwait

AWARE is pleased to announce that Registration for the
I Arabic 
Courses Schedule (
, 2014) has started at the AWARE Center. 

They will
weekday morning 
 evening courses
 & weekend morning course

course details & registration, please visit: 

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us by email:  or through: 2533 5280

The fairest of them all: Queen Rania of Jordan carrying her Louis Vuitton Alma Malletage bag

Élysée Palace in Paris

Call of duty Kuwait: Do the right thing, save face and join the fight!

Who’s who in the fight against ISIL

Arabian Business repost, article by Reuters [link]

US warplanes pounded Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq for a second day on Wednesday as President Barack Obama tried to rally support for the coalition fighting the extremist group during an address to the UN General Assembly in New York.

US Central Command said Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar had participated in or supported strikes against Islamic State targets during the opening day of the campaign on Tuesday.

Below is a summary of where key countries stand on joining the United States in a military coalition to fight Islamic State:

France carried out its first air strike in Iraq on Sept. 19, targeting an Islamic State logistics depot near Mosul. It has since carried out reconnaissance missions and supported Iraqi ground troops near Baghdad, although it has not re-engaged. French special forces are already training Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the north after providing weapons to the Kurds.

France continues to rule out air strikes in Syria, fearing that it could change the balance of power on the ground in favour of President Bashar al-Assad, who Paris says is as much of a problem as Islamic State.

Australia has decided to send eight F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets to assist in the US-led air campaign against Islamic State fighters in Iraq. Australia also has agreed to send special forces troops to act as advisers to Iraqi forces.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has asked for Parliament to be recalled so it can vote on Friday on whether to join the US-led air strikes against Islamic State. The move came after Iraq asked Britain to support coalition operations against the group.

Britain already has delivered aid and weapons to Kurds in Iraq and promised them training. Britain has said any strikes in Syria would be more complicated because they could not be carried out in cooperation with Assad's government.

Brussels is inclined to contribute to coalition efforts against Islamic State and officials say they have the military capacity to do so. Belgium has been contributing humanitarian assistance. But with jihadists from the Belgium joining Islamic State, Belgian officials say it is in their interest to participate in coalition efforts to halt its spread.

The Dutch government said on Wednesday it would deploy six F-16 fighters and as many as 380 military personnel to support the US-led fight against Islamic State insurgents in Iraq. Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher told reporters the planes would be used to target Islamist militants in Iraq and the personnel would provide training and advice to Iraqi and Kurdish regional military forces for up to one year.

Turkey, a NATO member and close US ally that borders both Iraq and Syria, had initially ruled out taking part in the military effort against Islamic State, but President Tayyip Erdogan indicated a shift in position on Tuesday, saying Ankara would provide military or logistical support.

The change came after IS fighters freed 46 Turkish nationals who were held hostage.

Turkey has felt a direct impact as a result of Islamic State's ruthless assaults in Syria. More than 130,000 Syrian Kurds have surged across its border in the past week, fleeing an IS advance on the town of Kobani.

The West deems Arab participation in the fight against Islamic State crucial to counter accusations that it is pursuing a new Western crusade against Islam in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Bahrain all took part in Monday night's air strikes, while Qatar played a supporting role, the US official said.

Saudi Arabia had already agreed to host US training of "moderate" Syrian opposition fighters.

Lebanon has joined the coalition politically. Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil says Beirut already is in a fight with Islamic State extremists on its own territory and is seeking military equipment from foreign countries to help it repel them.

Where is Kuwait? :(

President Vladimir Putin told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday that air strikes on Islamic State bases inside Syria "should not be carried out without the agreement of the government of Syria." The Russian Foreign Ministry said this meant securing explicit consent, rather than merely notifying Damascus.

Kuwaiti MP criticizes government for silence over ISIL ‘arrests’

Arab Times repost [link], article by: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Kuwait, Sept 24, 2014: MP Faisal Al- Duwaisan has criticized the government for remaining silent over the alleged arrest of numerous members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Kuwait.
He warned the fact that the government has neither confirmed nor denied the allegation could lead to dangerous consequences. He urged the government to issue a statement to assure the Kuwaiti public that everything is under control and there is no threat to the nation’s security.
Does Kuwait University has professors on the terrorist list?
Arab Times: In a related development, MP Yousef Al- Zalzalah wondered why the government allowed some faculty members at Kuwait University to continue teaching even if their names are on the terrorist list.
This came after the Security Council announced inclusion of some persons on the list like Shafi Al-Ajmi — a Kuwaiti. The lawmaker asked, “Do these educators continue to pollute our children’s minds, such that the university produces new members of al-Qaeda? Will the government lose sight of certain courses at the university and others aimed at feeding minds with hatred and hostile ideologies?”