April 14, 2014

Florida produce stand stop during our American road trip

We're having such a great time and I thought I'd share a few of the fun places we went to while on our American road trip. Everything has pretty much gone as planned with very little hiccups.  The spring weather in America has been amazing! We're so happy here we may never come back to Kuwait. Just kidding! ;p





March 23, 2014

Bye y'all!


Say Anything • In Your Eyes • Peter Gabriel


                       Classic 80's romantic movie and song.  This is H! <3

March 22, 2014

How Muslim Arabs are portrayed in Hollywood Movies and Television Shows

As a Southerner I'm used to the typical stereotypes: ignorant, uneducated, racist, xenophobic, inbred, raised in a trailer, white trash, redneck, unwed mother, having more than one baby's daddy, gold digger, militia supporter, fanatical Christian, etc.  Honestly I have really only seen this on television and almost never in real life.  Well, unless I go to Wal-Mart which literally scares the Hell out of me in every region of America.  Also, I hate to break it to you but there is nothing real about reality TV. It's all fake!!! (Yes, I know people that actually believe it's real and NO they're not Southern. ;p)

I'm well-educated, from a loving family, raised in Southern mansions, well-traveled, definitely not inbred and I adore foreign cultures (especially the men and food :p). It's highly insulting sometimes how Southerners are portrayed in the movies but I usually just laugh at their ignorance.  After all, Hollywood has a stereotype for everyone and not just Muslim Arabs and Southerners. 

I've heard a lot of talk lately from Arab Muslim friends who are upset about their portrayal in Hollywood.  What amazes me is that these same people still flock to the opening night of each new American movie.  Hollywood doesn't respond to "talk" they go where the money is.  Stop buying tickets and put your ticket money towards organized campaigns if you really want to see some changes. Then maybe you might see a difference.
"Alice in Arabia is a planned new US drama series about an American teenage girl who is unknowingly kidnapped by her extended family and forced to live in Saudi Arabia has been panned by some Arab Twitter users for its themes." [Source]
To me this show sounds interesting as I personally met several people that were / are in this situation.  I wrote this recent post called Bring My Children Home: A Plea from an American Mother of three abducted Saudi children which tells the story of an American Mother who had her three children kidnapped by their Saudi Father on US soil.  So this show is not based on something that doesn't happen in real life.  It's hard to judge it before anyone has even seen it but the concept of the show is fresh and definitely controversial.

Then there are the situations like this: Islamophobimania: British police fail to investigate child sex gang for fear of being called racist that shows the other side.  The same thing happened in the case of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.  All the warning signs were ignored because some of the US Military was afraid of being considered racist towards a Muslim in the armed forces.

I know with H that he usually laughs it off when we see the stereotypical Arab Muslim in the movies but if you say something wrong about Kuwait then he gets pissed. He's still mad at Oliver Stone for getting some critical details wrong in his Untold History of the United States documentary about Kuwait being under Iraq until 1961 which means he was misinformed.  

I could go on and on about this interesting topic but unfortunately I have to get back to last minute wedding details.  Squeal!

March 21, 2014

Message from the Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort to Kuwait


Jordan Belfort will be in Kuwait on April 12, 2014 at the Regency Hotel.  For tickets to meet the most famous broker in the world call [965] 9800 8088 / 8085.  Email: events@learn2earnq8.com

March 20, 2014

Emirates Airline First Class International - Private Suites

                                                [YouTube / homer3152]

Here's homer3152 with what it's like on the flight from Amsterdam to Dubai in an Emirates first class private suite.   In my opinion he could have shown more of the suite, bathroom and the rest of the first class cabin.  Still, his airline travel videos are great.

Most people I know agree that flying Emirates is pure perfection! I've flown their first class several times but never in a suite and never to the US. I don't want to fly more than two flights to the US which leaves me with Lufthansa or United.  (I would never fly Kuwait airways again.) I think the suites are only good for when you are not flying with your family.

Lufthansa First Class International

                                             [YouTube / sfflyer123 ]

This is another video from sfflyer123 which shows the exact plane A340-300 (with old seat configuration) that you would fly out of Kuwait on to Frankfurt.

The best part about flying Lufthansa first is their selection of alcohol, food (quality caviar, etc), and service.  Reality check: Their seats are smaller (their business seats suck) than most first class seats (I like to sleep on my side with my knees up) and there is that 7+ hour layover in Frankfurt if you're going to the USA.  If you're in Lufthansa's Frankfurt First Class Terminal (FCT) then they have two sleeping rooms, showers and 5 star dining. Their FCT is an amazing experience in luxury travel.

I'm pretty sure I've flown every airline out of Kuwait in first or business.  The flight from Kuwait to the US and back is too long and miserable to fly economy.  I've flown in on a military charter before and that was a unique (humbling) experience.  Which airline is your favorite?  I usually like / dislike something about each one of them. If only I had a private jet at my disposal to fly back and forth to the US. Wouldn't that be grand? ;)

United Airlines First Class International

                                            [YouTube / sfflyer123]

I love sfflyer13's videos on first class international air travel.  (Check out Homer3152 as well.)  The 777-200 is the exact plane you would fly out of Kuwait to Dulles.

The best part: The seats are so comfortable in first and you have a ridiculous amount of space.  You could fit two people in the seat.  Reality check: The food / service doesn't compare to a non-American airline (i.e. Emirates / Lufthansa) but it's okay. The first class bathroom on the 777-200 out of Kuwait is so tiny.  Maybe they want to prevent passengers from attempting to join the mile high club because it's just too narrow and uncomfortable for even a Barbie / bumper jet.

Kuwait Scorpions engages U.S. Army Eagles in Rugby match Friday, March 21st

                                                   [YouTube / John Carkeet]

I laughed at the part when the Kuwait Scorpion's player said the US Army Eagles (with no Rugby experience) played much better than the British Navy team (that they creamed). :p

Photo credit: LWDLIK

Kuwait event: AWARE Kuwaiti Traditiona​l Food Exhibition & Dishdasha Night

March 27, 2014: Kuwaiti Traditional Food Exhibition & Dishdasha Night

This exhibition will offer visitors to the AWARE Center the opportunity to sample the wide variety of Kuwaiti’s traditional foods. Look forward to trying Margoga, Tashriba, or Balaleet. Whilst trying something squishy, you have to have a go at sago worms, locally called butod, a feat which will win you many local friends. Visitors can also try on the traditional clothes on & have their pictures taken. Men can try the Dishdasha& women can try the Darra’a. 
This event is scheduled on March 27, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm and is free of charge; however, prior registration is requested at 2533-5280 or email info@aware.com.kw

March 19, 2014

Jasem Murad's "Colors from the Past" art exhibition in Kuwait

We attended the esteemed Jasem Murad's "Colors from the Past" art exhibition, held at Al-Adwani Arts Hall (Abdullah Al-Salem area) last week. The event was organized by the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters.  

March 17, 2014

Why there isn't a St. Patrick's Day Ball in Kuwait this year - 2014

"We had a band lined up to come out and a date booked in our usual hotel. On the week we were due to sign the contracts the hotel informed us that there could be no dancing at the event. This is due to the restrictions in place by the ministry. Unfortunately, the hotel refused to budge on this matter. We enquired at another hotel, and were told that we could have dancing, but the license for the band would be practically impossible to obtain, and they were doubtful about the whole thing. At this stage we contacted the British Embassy, who was wonderful and sympathetic, but they are fully booked up until the autumn. As a committee, we took the sad decision to cancel the ball for this year. However, we have submitted applications to the embassy for next year, and subject to approval, we hope to host some events there next year. It is clear that we can no longer host any large events in the hotels of Kuwait, as permission and licenses are impossible to obtain, and an event cannot be guaranteed. We understand that many people will be disappointed by this, but we cannot have a ball without dancing and without a band." Irish Society in Kuwait 

March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What's your St. Patty's Day name?

Okay, I have to admit my name is so naughty that I can't even post it.  *Blush*
Please feel free to post yours...
One of my girlfriends in Ireland, Sonya, sent me this yesterday and it craic'd me up. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March 15, 2014

Lion cub, owl and a falcon stolen from the Kuwait Zoo

Google Image

Arab Times repost: Unknown individuals stole a lion cub, a falcon and an owl from Kuwait Zoo. According to security sources, a security guard of Kuwait Zoo notified the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior about the theft, explaining that he saw some masked individuals jumping the wall of the zoo with an animal and birds. After trying in vain to chase the suspects, the guards checked the cages of the zee to discover a lion cub, a falcon and an owl are missing.

Farwaniya securitymen rushed to the zoo with officers from the General Department of Criminal Evidences, who lifted fingerprints and collected evidences to identify the suspects. A case has been registered for investigations.

Expat - The Kuwait Zoo and the Airport are just an embarrassment.  Poor animals! :( Where is all that oil money going?

Friday Market in Kuwait

I've only been to the Friday market once (until today) and that was enough for me.  A lot of expats (especially Americans) love to go there and do so often.  This is one of Kuwait's most popular markets and it has everything from souvenirs to furniture.  Sometimes you might get lucky and find a collector's item. We found a few out of print old books on Kuwait.
You can read more about the Friday market [here].  It's located in the Shuwaikh industrial area and open Thursday - Saturday, 8:30 am- 10 pm.